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Artifact cards - every hero, spell, creep, and item card revealed so far

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Artifact cards are at the heart of Valve’s new game. But what exactly do they do? Every card has a unique value or ability that makes them special, so you will no doubt want to know how they play. That is why we have put together this Artifact cards list. 

This list is a first look at just some of Artifact’s 280 cards. We have details on ten of the final 44 hero cards, plus a variety of cards from the four colour suits, the creeps, and the item deck. This list is a work in progress, so more artwork will be added over time. Since we have only had a short period of hands-on time with the game we do not have full details for every card we have seen so far, so feel free to speculate what some of them do. 

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The cards available in an Artifact deck are:


Artifact heroes - hero cards to lead the fight with


Colour: red
Attack: 7
Health: 11
Armour: 2

Legion Commander

Colour: red
Attack: 6
Health: unknown 
Armour: 1
Continuous effect: Moment of Courage
Retaliate 2.

Sorla Khan

Colour: black
Attack: 8
Health: 6
Continuous effect: Warmonger
Sorla Khan deals +4 damage when attacking a tower.

Phantom Assassin

Colour: black
Attack: 6
Health: unknown
Continuous effect: Efficient Killer 
Phantom Assassin deals +4 damage when attacking a hero.


Colour: green
Attack: 8
Health: unknown
Reactive ability: Barroom Brawler
Modify Bristleback with +2 armour after a hero blocking it dies.


Colour: green
Attack: 3
Health: unknown
Continuous effect: Relentless Rebel
Rapid deployment.


Colour: green
Attack: 4
Health: 10
Continuous effect: Feral Impulse
Lycan’s allied neighbours have +2 attack.


Colour: blue
Attack: 3
Health: 7
Reactive ability: Static Field 
Deal 1 piercing damage to Zeus’s enemy neighbors after you play a blue spell.

Crystal Maiden

Colour: blue
Attack: unknown
Health: unknown


Colour: blue
Attack: 3
Health: unknown
Reactive ability: Lucent Beam
Before the action phase, deal 1 piercing damage to a random enemy and add a charge to each Eclipse card in your hand or deck. 

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Artifact spell and ability cards

Spells and abilities are drawn from four colour suits: red, black, green, and blue. Each are assigned a number, which we believe relates to the mana cost of each card. 

Artifact red cards - tank and bruiser abilities

Berserker's Call (6)
Choose an allied red hero. It battles its enemy neighbours. 

Viscous Nasal Goo (4)
Modify a unit with -2 armour

New Orders (1)
Choose an ally. Choose a combat target for it. 

Take Aim (1)
God’s Strength (6)
Defensive Stance (2)
Time of Triumph (8)

Artifact black cards - assassin abilities

Assault Ladders (3)
Continuous effect: Allies deal +2 damage when attacking a tower.

Coup de Grace (6)
Condemn a hero. Discard a random card.

Day at the Track (3)
Trebuchets (1)
Steam Cannon (7)
Assassin’s Shade (7)
Grazing Shot (1)

Artifact green cards - jungle abilities and support spells 

Truth to Power (5)
Act of Defiance (4)
Emissary of the Quorum (8)
Divine Purpose (7)
Aphotic Shield (2)

Artifact blue cards - magic spells 

Cunning Plan (2)
Swap a unit with one of its allied neighbours. Draw a card. 

Ventriloquy (1)
Choose a unit. It taunts. 

Dimensional Portal (4)
Annihilation (6)
Firestorm (5)
Frostbite (3)
Thunder God’s Wrath (7)
Eclipse (6)

Creep - minion allies

Rebel Decoy
Attack: 2
Health: 3
Active ability: Distract 
Swap Rebel Decoy with another ally.

Unknown creep
Attack: 1
Health: 10
Armour: 2
Active ability - Mysterious Benefactor 
Modify allies with +2 attack and +1 health.

Savage Wolf
Attack: 3
Health: unknown
Reactive ability: Savage Wolf 
Modify Savage Wolf with +1 attack and +1 health after the combat phase. 

Thunderhide Pack
Attack: 14
Health: 14

Items - equipment to improve your chances

Short Sword - 3g
Equipped hero has +2 attack.

Healing Salve - 3g
Heal a unit 6.

Leather Armor - 3g
Equipped hero has +1 armour.

Town Portal Scroll - 3g
Return an allied hero to the fountain.

Traveler’s Cloak - 3g
Equipped hero has +4 health. 

Fountain Flask - 4g
Fully heal a unit.

Potion of Knowledge - 5g
Draw a card.

Stonehall Cloak - 5g
Equipped hero has +4 health. Modify Stonehall Cloak with “Equipped hero has +2 health” after the combat phase. 

Phase Boots - 6g
Passive: Equipped hero has +4 health
Active: Swap equipped hero with another ally.

Keenfolk Musket - 7g
Equipped hero has +2 attack.

Golden Ticket - 7g
Get a random item from the Secret Shop.

Blink Dagger - 7g
Passive: Equipped hero has +2 attack
Active: Move equipped hero to another lane.

Keenfolk Plate - 8g
Equipped hero has +1 armour. Equipped hero has +1 armour for each of its attackers. 

Shield of Basilius - 8g
Equipped hero has +2 armour. Equipped hero’s allied neighbours have +1 armour. 
Red Mist Maul - 10g
Equipped hero has +2 attack and +5 siege.

Hero’s Cape - 15g
Equipped hero has +16 health.


Vesture of the Tyrant - 19g
Equipped hero has +3 armour and rapid deployment. Your tower has +3 armour.

Shop Deed - 22g
Each item in your Secret Shop costs X less gold, where X is equal to its base cost. 

Apotheosis Blade - 25g
Equipped hero has +8 attack and +4 siege. Condemn units equipped hero deals battle damage to. 
Active ability: Apotheosize
Condemn each item equipped by the unit blocking equipped hero. Condemn enemy improvements. 

Horn of the Alpha - 25g
Passive: Equipped hero has +4 health. 
Active: Summon a Thunderhide Pack.

Blade of the Vigil - ?g
Equipped hero has +2 attack and +2 cleave.

Ristul Emblem - ?g
Equipped hero has +4 health and -2 armour. The unit blocking equipped hero has -2 armour. 

As previously mentioned, this list is a work in progress. More cards, descriptions, and artwork will be added over time. 

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We've seen Bristleback, and he's going to be red: