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Ubisoft announces the Assassin's Creed Chronicles trilogy, a historical world tour

Assassin's Creed Chronicles announcement

Assassin’s Creed is heading to new, interesting places. Ubisoft has announced the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles trilogy today, where each game will take place in a different time and place, all connected by Assassin’s Creed lore and 2.5D action platforming. 

The first game, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China, was revealed last year as part of the now dead Assassin’s Creed Unity season pass and will launch on April 22nd. It will be followed by two more adventures, one in India and the other in Russia, which will launch separately later in the year. 

I think this is probably the first time I’ve been excited about Assassin’s Creed since Black Flag was announced. I love the way the games play with mythology and history, and each new game brings a gorgeous, well-realised world to play in that I can’t get enough of. Assassin’s Creed makes me a tourist. But what I have to do in those worlds bores me senseless. A change in perspective, from 3D open worlds to the realms of 2.5D platforming might be exactly what the series needs, even if only for these spin-offs. 

What makes this trilogy really stand out from the rest of the franchise, though, is the art. Assassin’s Creed’s art design is normally pretty conservative, favouring realistic depictions of cities with high fidelity graphics over style. Not so in Chronicles, though. Each game is blessed with a distinctive aesthetic that relates to the time and place that the Assassins are gallivanting around in. 

China’s style is evocative of a watercolour, with locations formed out of paint and ink. India’s bright, almost gaudy, and exotically vibrant. And Russia is bold and intimidating, a monochrome world punctuated with red, inspired by Soviet propaganda. You can see the differences in the announcement trailer below. 

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Keep an eye out for the first game next month.

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TsunamiWombat avatarFraser Brown avatarBelimawr avatar
TsunamiWombat Avatar
3 Years ago

So you know all those interesting settings you keep bothering us about? We're going to make them into a 2.5d platformer game cash in! Enjoy your FOREVER WESTERN/CENTRAL EUROPE MIDDLE AGES in the actual series! Oh and boats, since we figured out you guys like those from our horribly buggy poorly made game failing. Boats in everything. Next 5 games, nothing but boats.

Fraser Brown Avatar
3 Years ago

I'm the first to take a moment to smack Ubisoft around a bit, but I think you're being unfair. Black Flag's the only game in the main series with boats, Rogue's a spin-off, and Unity was all set in landlocked Paris.

And the locations and times the main games have been set in are incredibly broad. Only one game in the core series has been set in Europe in the Middle Ages, and that would be Assassin's Creed 2. The original Assassin's Creed was set in the Middle Ages, but not in Europe.

We've had 12th Century, 15th and 16th Century, 18th Century and with Victory, the series will be visiting the 19th Century.

Belimawr Avatar
3 Years ago

yeah but timing on this tells you they probably just pulled the trigger a few hours early.