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Assault Android Cactus trailer reveals some top-shelf SHMUPing, game "coming soon"

A colorful screenshot from Assault Android Cactus

I haven’t played Assault Android Cactus in over a year, not since seeing it at a GDC party in 2014. But this trailer is a good time to remind you that Assault Android Cactus is an awesome twin-stick shooter and I suspect a lot of people are going to fall in love with it after it comes out.

Check out this trailer to get a taste of what’s headed your way.

Somewhat frustratingly, the trailer doesn’t give us a release date except to say it’s coming soon. But it does show you the kind of fast-paced, disorienting, and difficult combat that you’ll face in AAC. Yet if it’s a bit hectic to watch, it’s incredibly natural-feeling to play. I spent an hour of at GDC a couple years ago with a huge grin on my face as me and three other teammates ripped through level after level, before encountering a boss that we simply could not work out how to handle.

If you play this on PC, though, I do recommend arranging it so that you can do some couch co-op. It gained a lot from having people all shouting at the screen in a gleeful panic.

H/t PC Gamer

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subedii avatarB.T. avatar
subedii Avatar
3 Years ago

Definitely a rocking twin-stick shooter. One of the most fun I've played.


It's simple in theory, but the design hits a good place between "easy to learn" and "hard to master". Base level "passing" a stage is straightforward enough, but what keeps you playing is that S+ Rank, which you can only get if you don't drop the chain (basically do one continuous combo from start to finish of a level).


These days I still play for score-attacking the Daily Drive.

B.T. Avatar
3 Years ago

i'm really looking forward to this game

Also worth to mention: the demo is free to download on steam !