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Battlefield 1 adds Operations server browser in latest update

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Battlefield 1 just made it much easier to find a game in the popular Operations mode thanks to a new dedicated server browser. The October update, which launched earlier today, also brings a big selection of tweaks and bug fixes.

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Operations mode has an attacking team trying to push the front lines forward, while defenders try to keep them from succeeding. As part of the update, 40 player Operations servers have been disabled and the mode will only be available in its full 64 player format in an effort to cut down on matchmaking times and lightly populated servers.

The newly improved accessibility to one of Battlefront’s trademark big modes is an interesting contrast to its next major addition. Incursions will have small teams of five players duking it out for dominance along a MOBA-style progression.

You can check out the full list of changes and updates at the official site.

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DuoBlaze avatar
DuoBlaze Avatar
8 Months ago

After a year of failing to fix operations matchmaking repeatedly dropping players into empty matches the devs finally give up and go with the solution all customers asked for on day 1.

Game developers need to start acting like software developers and actually listen to customers and modify their product as requested.