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Battlefield 4 boasts second monitor support for your minimap

Yesterday’s Battlelog trailer was a petri dish of possibilities, and so naturally it set tongues a-wagging.

Forums buzzed with questions like: "Will I be able to switch servers while pulling a sick wheelie on Kiasar Railroad?” And: “Can I change my loadout while getting changed?” Also: “Coo! If tablets can host the in-game minimap, can my second monitor do the same?”

Yes, yes, and “yup”.

A DICE Battlelog producer on Reddit with the handle TheBikingViking supplied the affirmative. “It's browser-based,” confirmed a Battlelog developer by the name of DarkLord.

“Just open it in a new browser window and place it wherever you want,” they added in a different thread. “However big you want it.”

Another user asked if players would be able to recreate the Commander Mode monitor setup DICE sported at E3 - in which other players’ views from the ground were visible to their commander via a second screen.

“No, it's your screen only,” replied the developer. “Though I'm sure some crafty people will figure out a way.”

Because Battlelog is web-based, the minimap will be compatible with “most modern browsers” - even officially-unsupported Opera, thanks to a sole DICE developer who put in the hours to solve the root issues.

In summary: there’s nothing standing between you and an omniscient SupCom-style setup. Are you the all-seeing type?

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