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PC finally gets Bayonetta, runs at locked 60 fps on a GTX 1060

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We’ve only been waiting seven years for Platinum’s most beloved game, and now Sega have finally made it happen: Bayonetta makes its surprise arrival on PC today. The 2010 original, previously only available for PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U, can now be bought from Steam. 

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We’ve already had chance to play the game on our i5/GTX 1060-powered test rig, and if you’ve spent time with Nier: Automata on PC you’ll know what to expect. The game is locked at 60fps, meaning it’s super smooth, but those with high-powered machines won’t be able to get the mountain-high frame rates that you’d expect from a title this old. It supports a variety of resolutions, including ones above 1080p. We saw solid performance from the game at 1440p, meaning it’s already a step above the old console versions. 

Bayonetta PC graphics menu

There are some problems though, some of which we’d expect. Like Nier: Automata, the PC port is a little bare bones. There are very few graphical options - just anti-aliasing, texture quality and filtering, shadow quality, SSAO quality, and HDR - and just three presets on offer. There is a VRAM meter though, which is to be commended. 

There are a few oddly arranged keys, too. On the menus pressing Esc doesn’t go back to the previous menu, it’s inexplicably bound to right click. Menu items must be left clicked to select; enter or space won’t work, despite the menu allowing navigation with WASD. 

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In more concerning issues, I’ve discovered a bug which has made playing the game with a mouse and keyboard impossible. The menus glitched out and removed all keybindings from the controls menu, and when I attempt to remap them I continually get an error claiming I’ve bound a key to multiple actions. When dismissing this error the menu then becomes unresponsive; I can move the mouse but clicks won’t register. I’ve have to Alt+F4 to escape this situation. I get the error every time (despite checking for any keys being multiple-bound). 

We’ve informed Sega of the issue and they’re looking into it. They report that it’s the first time they’ve encountered it, so hopefully if you pick it up you won't have that problem. 

Menu glitch aside, Bayonetta seems to follow very much in the footsteps of Platinum’s previous port: nothing to get excited about in terms of PC options, but we’re happy to have the game break console-only tradition. It feels a bit like playing a console game on PC, but at least we can finally play it. And for anyone who’s been holding out on this port for seven years, today’s probably a sweet day indeed. To celebrate, here's a dev diary, including the extremely detailed story of how Bayo got her glasses:

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Are you planning on picking up Bayonetta now it’s finally made it to PC? Let us know how you’re finding the port in the comments.

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Darksx avatareldelacarlota avatar
Darksx Avatar
1 Year ago

I love how, developers always claim its the first time we have encountered it. yea Ill bet it is since they didn't do a proper testing and Qaing of the game. Getting pretty sick of this excuse from developers.

eldelacarlota Avatar
1 Year ago

I wish I could have the behaviour showed in the video. I have an i7 and a GTX 1060, but the game was far of working perfectly. The cinematics at really slow fps, and the game looked very different to the video one. Graphics weren't as beatufitul as it should be watching that clip, neither do the fps rate. I really wanted to play this game, but I had to refund it, because it worked horrible on my computer. I have a gamer MSI, so don't think it was my computer. I thought it was Windows 10, but I don't think so, since lot of people have nowdays W10, and I haven't found any complains about it. I saw two negative votes on the Steam store, and the problems where similar to mine. Unfortunately (and sadly for me) I'm the third :(.

P.D: to fix tat keyboard configuration lost, go to the keybord/mouse menu and press the HOME key: it will ask you to return to the default configuration. Selecting YES restore the keyboard.