SteamSpy estimate Bayonetta has sold 100k on PC - Sega say they’re “overwhelmed by support”

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At the time of writing, SteamSpy estimate that there are around 114,007 people who own Bayonetta on Steam. Not bad for game that’s almost eight-years-old but only released on Steam a week ago.

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SteamSpy uses the data publically available on Steam to estimate player numbers. We recently asked a bunch of developers how accurate it is, and most think it’s pretty good. 

Either way, we reached out to Sega to see if this figure was accurate. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t confirm or deny if it was, but they did offer the following statement to PCGamesN. 

“Concerning Bayonetta surpassing 100,000 (according to SteamSpy), we do not have any confirmation of numbers. However, we are extremely overwhelmed by the support for Bayonetta and love that we reached #1 on the Steam charts!”

Sega are happy with sales, then. Perhaps this means we’ll see more games from their console back catalogue come to PC. Vanquish, anyone? 

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WhiteCrow avatarPrime avatar
WhiteCrow Avatar
6 Days ago

This should have happened a long time ago, but good for Sega. I really hope it encourages them to bring more franchises to PC.

Prime Avatar
6 Days ago

They should port vanquish next