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Study that claimed playing videogames improves your marksmanship is retracted

Shooting Games Don't Improve Marksmanship Brad Bushman

A controversial report which stated that playing shooting-based video games improves your marksmanship has been retracted by publisher Communications Research in a posted notice. It states that a committee at Ohio University recommended the retraction of the conclusions drawn by Dr Brad Bushman ‘after being alerted to irregularities in some variables of the data’.

You might not be able to improve your aim with a real gun, but you can certainly get better with a virtual one with our list of the best FPS games on the PC.

Originally published in 2012, ‘Boom Headshot’ as the study is titled claims that people who regularly play shooting games extensively, become better at shooting guns in real life, as well as becoming more prone to acts of violence. The implications of this are obvious, considering the fact that claims about the corruptive nature of videogames have been floating around for almost as long as videogaming itself has existed. However, Dr Patrick Markey, a psychology professor at Villanova University has long been disputing the claim. Markey has even gone so far as to write a book on the subject titled Moral Combat: Why the War on Violent Video Games Is Wrong.

Ultimately, the disputed data of the original research paper and the variables it presents have not been confirmed and the report now rests in limbo. Nevertheless, the debate about the influence of violent video games rages on. You can read more on this at the official website of Retraction Watch.

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0V3RKILL Avatar
1 Year ago

shooter games will help you in a real life shooting situation as much as guitar hero will help you play guitar in real life....which is none at all. But, thanks to games like squad, arma or Operation flashpoint, we learned a thing or two about war. Might not be actual shooting. But, a better understanding of what goes on in a war. The what to dos and not dos if you want to stay alive

Belimawr Avatar
1 Year ago

a game doesn't teach you anything about fighting, the majority of players know death is just an inconvenience in games so they don't even try to strategize they just run and gun knowing if they die they will come back and might get lucky the next time.

so really if you went up against real people in real life who want to live they would fight very very differently.

it's like they can claim that the optic feedback in games does help with people learning to snipe, but when you factor in the physics of distance and wind speed/direction not to mention other things you wouldn't think of making a shot would be a million times harder than a game that just shoots in a perfectly straight line every time.

Anakhoresis Avatar
1 Year ago

I feel like you're simplifying it as much as you're implying that they're glorifying it.

There are certainly plenty of Squad and ArmA groups of players that play extremely strategically with the aim of their character staying alive. But yes, there are also players that run and gun.

There are also games that DO factor in gravity, coriolis, wind speed/direction, and more when a player is using a sniper rifle... But there are also games that shoot in a perfectly straight line.

It's not just one or the other.

huldu Avatar
1 Year ago

You learn to have fun in games. That's about it.

0V3RKILL Avatar
0V3RKILL replied to huldu
1 Year ago

you can learn having fun. I'm sure you know how to take cover, smoke out before moving from cover while your team suppresses the enemy, then when you make it across you do the same for them. I bet you also learned how important is team work. that's what keeps you alive.

0V3RKILL Avatar
1 Year ago

I agree. we might not have the physical part down. But, we learn from games. Remember Red River? I listen and learned a few things.

1. Do not get shot!

2. Short, Controlled Bursts! 

3. Be proud you are a Marine.

4. Watch Your Bullet Drop!

5. Patch Your Wounds!

6. Keep a Full Mag!

7. If in Doubt, FALL BACK!

8. Keep the Enemy Suppressed!

9. Follow Orders!

10. Beware of Confined spaces

11. There ain't no such thing as a fair fight, Kill them anyway possible

MultipleWargasms Avatar
1 Year ago

Actually, simulation training IS improving performance on firing ranges. While it doesn't actually "train" you to do something physically, it does help you, if used in conjunction with a simulated weapon of actual weight/recoil/etc., with managing the techniques that make you successful on the range. This has been proven with the US Army's Weaponeer program. Here is an article by the Rand Corp. that outlines exactly how simulations can help those with poor technique improve range scores.