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Pitchford says offering Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition free to owners of original "not possible"

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition

We've had it good with remasters on PC lately, haven't we? BioShock, Skyrim and Darksiders remasters were all free to download for people who already owned the original games, but that unfortunately won't be the case for Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition. 

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Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford says it's not possible because EA published the original Bulletstorm, whereas this remaster is published by Gearbox in partnership with developers People Can Fly. To further complicate matters, the original was sold through Games for Windows Live, which isn't the case for Bulletstorm: Full Clip.

It's disappointing that there won't at least be a discount for people who can prove they own the original, as something like that would likely be much simpler to implement.

Some people also pointed at Darksiders: Warmastered Edition, which was originally published by THQ but re-released by Nordic Games. The difference is, Nordic outright purchased past and future rights to Darksiders from THQ, while Gearbox are just pushing Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition through their third-party publishing program. 

One of the big draws of the Bulletstorm remaster is the ability to play through as Duke Nukem, with all-new dialogue recorded from the character's original voice actor, John St. John. However, to make the lack of a free upgrade sting even more, you only get access to this if you pre-order the game. 

Of course, you do get access to all the previously released DLC, you can bump the game up to 4K, as well as enjoy the hi-res textures, increased polygon counts, remastered audio, and smoother frame rates, if that's your thing.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition releases on April 7.

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setnom avatarMackles avatarDarkhog avatarHersheySquirtle avatarWhiteCrow avatar
HersheySquirtle Avatar
1 Year ago

The licensing and such makes sense to me—I get it and understand that it's fair even if disappointing to existing owners. But damn if Randy Pitchford doesn't consistently use the most inflammatory wording he possibly can. That alone is probably enough to turn off a good bit of his audience.

WhiteCrow Avatar
1 Year ago

The guy has a tragic lack of tact.

setnom Avatar
1 Year ago

"If that is a deal breaker for you, you should skip it."

It is. I will.

Darkhog Avatar
1 Year ago


Mackles Avatar
1 Year ago

I played the game once, not good enough for me to just up and buy it again, least without a hefty discount.