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Nazis always win in Call of Duty’s new ‘centrist’ multiplayer mode, say players

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Activision are standing firm in the face of angry player feedback from the beta test weekend of Call of Duty: WWII, claiming that the new ‘Centrist’ multiplayer mode is working as intended despite Nazis always winning.

The controversial new mode is coming under heavy criticism for the way that it forces all soldiers on the Allied side to approach every Nazi soldier and open up a dialogue with them, prior to any combat starting.

Once each individual Nazi has been fully interrogated as to their beliefs, motivations and values in an extensive 30-minute conversation, the Allied player must then attempt to debunk them through a series of ‘reason and logic’ quick-time events.

If the Allied player succeeds at the debunking phase, the Nazi player is removed from the game — but if they fail, the Allied player is converted to a Nazi and joins their team instead.

While this whole mechanic might sound like a reasonable foundation for a thriving democracy so far, what really has the pro-gaming community riled up is that Nazi players have no such restrictions and can just shoot anybody with their guns at any time.

“This game mode sucks balls,” explained pro gamer Neal Clayton. “It’s not fun to play and it’s not fun to be part of, in any capacity. Just thinking about it is making me angry.”

For their part however, Activision says that players just need to “give the Centrism experiment more time”.

“We’re confident that the Centrist mode will deliver great results,” said an Activision spokesperson in a statement.

“We understand that it feels like the Nazis are winning, but they are vulnerable to facts and logic, so we encourage Allied players to brush up on their debating skills and just keep engaging with the genocidal racists in good faith.”

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Glen_Runciter Avatar
10 Months ago

you motherfuckers, it took me three paragraphs :D

nice job

xNuke Avatar
10 Months ago

It took me this comment to realize :D

Sir Adrian Avatar
10 Months ago

I don't what's worse. That I fell for it for about 4 paragraphs or that it sounded like something the modern games industry might actually come up with.