Dark Souls fans: a foot-tall Oscar of Astora statue could be yours for $335 | PCGamesN

Dark Souls fans: a foot-tall Oscar of Astora statue could be yours for $335

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Dark Souls has produced some of the most memorable and memeable character designs of recent years, from Artorias the Abysswalker, to Siegmeyer of Catarina, to that renowned advocate of jolly cooperation, Solaire of Astora. But where these legends have been rightly immortalised in collectible statuette form, the dutiful and tragic figure of Solaire's compatriot, Oscar, has been sadly overlooked.

No longer.

Dark Souls is obviously one of the best RPGs on PC, or any other platform.

Figure makers Gecco have now produced a stunningly detailed statuette of Oscar, posed with grim determination in his iconic Elite Knight armour set.

The figurine is 1:6 scale, standing roughly 32 centimetres (a little over one foot) tall. Its suggested retail price is 36,800 Japanese yen, which is roughly £260 GBP, or $335 USD. It’s scheduled to release in Japan in December.


If you order before then (or 'pre-', to use the nomenclature), you’ll also get a rather adorable Crystal Lizard statuette, also 1:6 scale, also of very high quality. It fits neatly in your palm, as you can see:

Convinced? Head over to Mamegyorai to place an order, or to drool over more beautiful photos of both figures. 

Also, this story reminded me of this video. If you haven't seen it, happy Friday. Have a lovely weekend.

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