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PC’s Monster Hunter, Dauntless, gets a new gameplay trailer

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In Dauntless you team up with three pals with different skillsets and you roam the lands looking for massive monsters to twat with big sticks. Check out the new trailer above to see how that looks in action. 

Here are all the Dauntless behemoths revealed so far

The first behemoth in the new trailer looks like a owl that’s been on testosterone. It can use its wings to create a gust of wind to sweep you up, but it can be cut down if you work together. 

The second beast is the Pangar, which creates icy pillars as it moves around. You’re probably best using ranged weapons or getting right up in its grill.

I always loved the concept of Monster Hunter, but the game controls like a drunken uncle. If Dauntless can offer those same thrills with a slick control system, I’m in. 

Check out the Dauntless system requirements here. The co-op game is releasing in 2017. 

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1 Year ago

PC's Monsterhunter, the game literally no one but PCGn has heard of, has a shitty new trailer.