Defiance is getting its "next chapter" in Defiance 2050, a new free-to-play shooter | PCGamesN

Defiance is getting its "next chapter" in Defiance 2050, a new free-to-play shooter

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Do you remember Defiance? It was an online, open-world shooter from Trion Worlds where players fought over alien technology on a sci-fi Earth. It even had a TV show, which went for three seasons before being cancelled by Syfy, and the story was eventually continued in the game. Well, now Defiance (the game, not the TV show, that's still dead) getting completely revamped, with a new Defiance game, Defiance 2050, coming out later this year.

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Defiance, according to SteamSpy, has had roughly 20,000 plays in the last couple of weeks, but a peak concurrent of just 454 yesterday. It's due something to boost numbers, then, and Defiance 2050 is being described by Trion Worlds as the definitive Defiance experience, compared to the original game. 

PC Gamer were hot on the button to catch the announcement, and built as a free-to-play game, it's fundamentally different to the original Defiance, with "brand new systems, gameplay mechanics, and cutting edge graphics." Assuming it's all in-engine, which looks likely, you can see those cutting edge graphics in the trailer above.

The official website describes the game as having "massive co-operative battles," so it sounds like it might be more akin to Planetside 2 than the original Defiance. Fans will likely see exactly what those battles entail soon, as closed beta signups are now live on the official site.

On top of that, they'll be streamig the game every Friday at 10:30 PST (13:30 ET, 18:30 GMT, 19:30 CET, 05:30 AET on Saturdays) on their Twitch channel. The landscape of games has change a lot since Defiance released in 2013, so, perhaps it's going to catch up with the times, because "online sci-fi shooter" really is a very 2013 game description.

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Anakhoresis avatarLolssi avatarBelimawr avatar
Anakhoresis Avatar
4 Months ago

I really liked the TV show but could never get the game to work. Also, Planetside 2 doesn't have any cooperative battles, it's all PvP. Large co-op battles was definitely supposed to be something Defiance 1 had. I might try the new one.

Lolssi Avatar
4 Months ago

The game had those. They had some mechanics but in the end it often comes down to everybody shoot down the bosses health bar and you can do that only so much before you get bored out of your mind.

Belimawr Avatar
4 Months ago

Yep that was my problem, also if you wanted rank rewards there was no choice in weapon as there was only a machine gun type thing that could put out the damage.

Also the story got a bit repetitive and as you said chasing events got old fast as they were just more repetition once you saw them you knew how to kill them, to the point a team of 3 or 4 could easily take one.