Crimson Days will return to Destiny 2, but "won't be the same as last time"

Update January 10, 2018: Bungie have confirmed that Crimson Days will return.

Destiny community manager Cozmo replied to the Reddit thread where some datamined Crimson Days assets were posted, saying "the rumours are true. Crimson Days is coming back."

Here's how Destiny 2's Dawning event worked.

Encouragingly, Cozmo also says "it won't be the same as last time." That's good, because the 2016 version of Crimson Days - the first and so far only time the event has run in Destiny so far - was widely seen as not very good. "We will talk about how it is changing in the blog update on Thursday," Cozmo concludes.

Original story January 9, 2018: Destiny’s Valentine’s Day event, Crimson Days, seems likely to return in Destiny 2. Another datamine of the PC client has turned up associated assets and scripts, and plenty of references to the Eververse store. It is worth noting, however, that these assets were in the game before the heavily criticised Dawning event, so Bungie’s plans for Crimson Days could yet change in line with the community’s unprecedented recent backlash.

First, a little background: Crimson Days ran only once in the original Destiny, for a week in February 2016, and was roundly acknowledged to be its worst seasonal event to date. It added new themed microtransactions, but the only new gameplay of note was a doubles mode for the Crucible.

The evidence for its return comes courtesy of dataminers Ginsor and Elevasce, who posted their findings to this Reddit thread. New voice lines from Lord Shaxx suggest Crimson Doubles will return, but a UI icon - the raid skull backed by rose petals - suggests there may be new raid content associated with the event. UI text indicates there will be a gift-based quest line, perhaps comparable to that in the Dawning, and the Farm’s Cryptarch Tyra Karn is also said to have “a certain fondness for the holiday,” which hints she might also have a quest.

Some of the new Crimson days lootThe datamine suggests that Crimson Days 2018 ought to be more substantial, content-wise, than in 2016, not that that’s saying much. If it’s going to be controversial, it’ll probably be because of how it’s monetised. The datamine indicates Crimson Days will (or was planned to) have its own loot box, which is no surprise, and that Tess Everis would hand out at least one as a gift. 

Players’ main objection to the Dawning event, which ends with the weekly reset today, concerned the way its loot boxes worked in tandem with those that were added at the start of the game’s second season. Unlike other games that have both regular and event-themed loot boxes - such as Overwatch - the Dawning boxes did not replace the regular ones that dropped from leveling up. This meant the only way to get them without paying real money was to complete event-specific quests. In a departure from Destiny 1, and Destiny 2's weekly milestone quests, these were tied to your account, not each character within it. Many players felt this was stingy. 

It's by no means certain that Crimson Days will repeat these mistakes. As the dataminers acknowledge, these assets have been in the game since before the Dawning. Bungie have stressed that they are listening to player feedback, particularly on Eververse, and will address it in their first weekly update of the New Year this Thursday.

It's probably a bit early for them to announce Crimson Days, but hopefully they'll discuss a new monetisation philosophy that will lead to a more generous event when it does arrive, as now seems likely.

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