Here's where Xur is in Destiny 2 today, and what you should buy from him

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Xur has arrived in Destiny 2 once again, and will stick around until the Tuesday reset. His location is marked in your in-game director, so just mark his icon and follow your HUD. Here's where he is and what you should buy from him.

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This weekend, Xur is on Io, in a cave in the Giant's Scar. You'll need to ride through the Cabal drilling base to get to him. He is selling:

  • Merciless, an Exotic fusion rifle, for 29 legendary shards
  • Lucky Pants, Hunter boots, for 23 legendary shards
  • Mask of the Quiet One, a Titan Helmet, for 23 legendary shards
  • Starfire Protocol, a Warlock chest piece, for 23 legendary shards

Merciless is arguably the best Exotic weapon in the game. Non-lethal hits in one blast will cause the next to charge faster, so by the end of the magazine, each blast charges almost immediately. This makes Merciless a terrific choice for doing DPS against most bosses. The only downside is its limited reserve ammo, which means your second magazine is only six bursts, for a max of 14 rounds in total. Still, those 14 rounds fill most of the raid's damage phases pretty neatly, almost as if by design. Despite its rather bland looks, Merciless isn't just worth buying if you have the shards - it's worth grinding shards for if you don't.

Lucky Pants are Hunter boots with some of the best lore text in the game (a rant from Cayde-6 about how to win in the Crucible). Their perk increases hand cannon ready speed and initial accuracy. Hand cannons are strong on PC, thanks to the might of the mouse, and if you like using them, you'll welcome any bump to their performance. Personally I don't feel like these do enough to demand your Exotic slot, though - throw in a reload speed boost, and I might be tempted. As it is, Hunters have many better Exotics.

Mask of the Quiet One is a very menacing Titan helm that grants ability energy when you take damage, and regnerates health when you inflict Void ability damage. Only Sentinels will benefit from the latter half of this ability, which synergises with its first half, encouraging an aggressive playstyle that can be risky but fun. We're not sure the ability regen is substantial enough to make it a top-tier pick, but it's certainly worth a purchase if you play Sentinel a lot.

Starfire Protocol is a Warlock chest piece that grants an extra fusion grenade charge, much like it did in the original Destiny. It was out of the meta then because firebolt grenades were OP for so long, and because there was a subclass perk that gave a second grenade charge anyway. In Destiny 2, it's slightly more tempting, especially because it will also grant Rift energy with fusion grenade kills. Community testing has shown that 'sticky' grenades of all kinds, including fusions, are really weak, but having two charges will offset that a little. Nonetheless, it’s hard to recommend - it’s very niche, being limited to one subclass and one grenade type, and Warlocks undoubtedly have many better Exotic options.

The power level of these wares will scale with your own, but they cap at 270, which is the recommended level for the raid at Normal difficulty.

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nu1mlock avatarJoel Gregory avatarpanbient avatarSir Jimmy R. Russell avatarNathSB avatar[ka] luna avatar+3
nu1mlock Avatar
2 Months ago

Seems like we keep getting console news lately...

Joel Gregory Avatar
2 Months ago

Just for Destiny 2! Much like with the impressions + guides, we're aware that a lot of our audience are keen to keep up with the game during this painful interim period between console and PC launches.

panbient Avatar
2 Months ago

I have yet to meet any gamer who only has a single platform.

A clear preference? Absolutely. Self-imposed gaming limits though? Not so much.

NathSB Avatar
1 Month ago

I only own a PC.

I never owned a console growing up, so I never got into console gaming. Now I just find it clunky and awkward, and most of the games I want to play are on the PC anyway, RDR being a notable exception.

Darkedone02 Avatar
3 Weeks ago

you missed the golden age of PS1 and PS2 games back then. Now that was an adventure.

At least you can go back and play though those games using the power of emulations, but good luck on getting the games though legally... they are expansive and it sucks there is no "good old games" website for retro console titles to legally purchase on them.

Sir Jimmy R. Russell Avatar
1 Month ago

when did this turn into consolegamesn

[ka] luna Avatar
1 Month ago

Please cover Destiny 1 Xur locations too, nobody else is doing it anymore D:

Richard Scott-Jones Avatar
1 Month ago

Sorry, we're only covering him in Destiny 2 because it's on PC (or about to be, at least.) We're not a console site.

Tarvold Avatar
2 Weeks ago

That hunter helmet is easily one of the best PVP items in the game.

Definitely not a hard "meh."