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Discord are rolling out group video chat and screen sharing


Skype is in for a rude awakening, as video chat and screen sharing are coming to the gamer’s chat program of choice: Discord. Up to ten people will be able to display their faces in groups once it’s live. 

Show your face to your pals as you play through or list of the best multiplayer games

The quality of video chat will be at its most optimal with up to five people showing their mugs, but quality might suffer a little after that, at least initially. 

It’s all going to be client server-based, too, so it’ll be nice and secure, according to Digital Trends

As well as video chat, Discord users will be able to stream their gameplay straight into channels, letting their mates laugh at their failed attempts for a PUBG chicken dinner. Screen-sharing can even interrupt a video chat without you having to sever the connection. 

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QDP2(1 day 9 hours played)
7 Months ago

Awesome news, I can finally get rid of Skype from this computer. Really hate that application, forcing you to use control panel to kill it.. Good riddance.