Dota 2’s 2018 Battle Pass has earned $5 million in 24 hours

Dota 2 Battle pass

Earlier today, I wrote about the Dota 2 2018 Battle Pass, and said that “the community is probably already on track to break their own record.” That assumption proved correct, as it turns out that Battle Pass sales have already pushed the International 2018’s prize pool to over $5 million. In less than 24 hours.

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It’s the shortest time-to-$5 million ever, placing the prize pool well ahead of the total League of Legends 2017 Worlds pot. It’s also already ahead of TI7’s total offering. In fact, players have already donated 20.7% of the total prize pool offered at last year’s competition. For some more ridiculous figures, the Battle Pass raised $500,000 in just an hour. To put that into perspective, last year’s figure was around $20,000 at the 60 minute mark.

Players will be able to buy the Battle Pass, and level up to earn rewards, for the next five months or so, giving this year’s prize pool plenty of time to grow. Last year, it topped out at around $24 million, so prepare for an enormous amount of money to be on offer by the time it reaches its peak. As well as various rewards, buying the Battle Pass gives players access to The Underhollow, a new multi-team clash mode which tasks teams with stealing a wheel of cheese from Roshan. There’s also a Mutation Mode, and Cavern Crawl, which lets you exercise your masochistic streak by pitting you against teams with higher MMRs.

A battle pass tracker, as reported by Valve on the pass’ official page, can be seen here. The pass sits at $5,319,945 at time of writing.