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The Dota 2 International prize pool has eclipsed $10 million dollars

Dota 2 International 2015 $10 Million

As if there was any doubt. The Dota 2 International prize pool, in the early hours of the morning, reached $10 million dollars. It’s now less than $800,000 away from beating last year’s amount, and we’ve still got over 60 days to go until the event begins.

I had written only four weeks ago that the pool had reached $5 million dollars, and in that time it’s doubled.

Last year’s Dota 2 International ended up with $10.9 million dollars; the biggest eSports prize pool in history. But at the rate at which the current pool is climbing, combined with over two months left to go, Valve’s stretch goal of $15 million dollars might not be so naive after all.

What do you think the final number will be?

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GlodaR avatarEsivo avatargeraltderwitcher avatar
GlodaR Avatar
3 Years ago

Ez hats ez life.

But for real, I think it will be hard to get 15 milion, growth is slowing, there is still plenty of time but idk, I'd say 14 milion is for sure, 15 is possible but really hard, immortals 3 chest needs to be really good, it will be really close, and if we get 15 milion, we will get in in 1 or 2 days before TI5 finals.

Esivo Avatar
3 Years ago

It will either reach 15 easy, or stop around 11-12.

geraltderwitcher Avatar
3 Years ago

Waste of money unless you play a lot to get the necessary orbs to level the compendium to get the rewards which include various character items. Otherwise you will get screwed out of items and after a cut off date even though you payed the same amount as others who have more free time on their hands.

Learned this the hard way last year.