Dragon Ball FighterZ characters: everyone shown so far, and who we'll see next

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Seemingly summoned by the Dragon Balls themselves, fabled fighting game developers Arc System Works have teamed up with Bandai Namco for a brand new Dragon Ball fighting game. Rather than a 3D arena battler like previous Dragon Ball games, Dragon Ball FighterZ is a 3v3 fighter in the same mould as the Marvel vs. Capcom series. With Arc System Works developing it, it also has much of the fluid movement you’d see in games like BlazBlue and Guilty Gear.

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The Dragon Ball series spans over 30 years and boasts a cast of hundreds of characters to choose from - Arc System Works have got quite a task when it comes to picking the DBFZ roster. As such, our Dragon Ball FighterZ character list will consist of announced characters, along with fighters that we assume will get in - or at least would like to see - in the full game. Keep in mind that DBFZ producer Tomoko Hiroki has stated that there won’t be multiple versions of the same character, so don’t hold out hope for 12 different versions of Goku for each of his transformations. Arc System Works also have a history of designing some pretty wacky characters, so expect some left-field choices in the final roster.

To bust through some of the jargon, here’s a quick rundown of some of the terms:

  • Super - A Super is a high damage attack which uses some of a character’s Super gauge. In DBFZ, Supers are divided into Level 1s and Level 3s, with Level 3s doing massive amounts of damage - usually involving the character doing their signature attack from the TV series. Some Supers can also be charged up by holding down the Attack button, making them even more devastating.
  • Sparking Blast - The Sparking Blast is a special ability that every character in DBFZ has access to. Similar to X-Factor in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the Sparking Blast gives a character increased damage and health regeneration for a short amount of time. It also levels up depending on how many characters are left on your team, with a Level 3 Sparking Blast becoming available when you are down to your final fighter.
  • Ultimate Z-Change - The Ultimate Z-Change allows players to bring in another member of their team while performing a Super move. Performed by holding down the Assist button during a Super, the Ultimate Z-Change sees your ally perform one of their own Supers. Much like Delayed Hyper Combos in Marvel 3, Ultimate Z-Changes are key for extending combos and bringing in a teammate safely.
  • Assist - Similar to the Vs. Series, DBFZ allows players to call in the other two members of their team for special Assist attacks. An Assist character will perform a unique special move, before jumping back off-screen. You can summon both your Assists at the same time if you wish, but they can be attacked when on screen. And if one of your Assists is hit by an opponent, they take increased damage.

Dragon Ball FighterZ confirmed characters



  • Level 1 Supers:
    • Super Kamehameha - Goku unleashes a powered-up version of the iconic energy beam.
    • Instant Transmission Kamehameha - Goku charges up a Super Kamehameha, and then teleports behind the opponent to fire off the attack. It fires diagonally upwards, rather than horizontally.
  • Level 3 Supers:
    • Meteor Smash - Goku transforms into his Super Saiyan 3 form, performs a short three-hit combo before blasting his opponent with a Super Kamehameha.

The hero of the Dragon Ball series, Goku is the most powerful warrior in Universe 7. Being a full-blooded Saiyan (an alien race of monkey-men whose strength is directly tied to their hair colour, natch), Goku’s life revolves around battling strong opponents. While he may be a fearsome fighter, as well as Earth’s protector, he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Goku is the Ryu of Dragon Ball FighterZ - he’s got good range on all of his attacks, decent damage, great mobility and he works in any position within a team. Along with his Super and Instant Transmission versions, Goku can fire a standard Kamehameha to keep his opponents at bay. It can be used both in the air and on the ground, and can be aimed up or down.


DBFZ Vegeta

  • Level 1 Supers:
    • Big Bang Attack - Vegeta lets loose a giant ball of ki which explodes on impact.
  • Level 3 Supers:
    • Final Flash - Vegeta charges up a massive amount of ki and fires off a massive energy beam which nearly fills the screen.

The only other full-blooded Saiyan in Universe 7, Vegeta was initially a villain in the Dragon Ball series. The prideful prince of all Saiyans, Vegeta eventually settled on Earth following the events of the Namek Saga. Since then he’s mellowed as a person, his pride replaced by a desire to protect his wife Bulma and their two children, Trunks and Bulla. There are still flashes of the old Vegeta though, especially when he is training with Goku. When he is not wearing traditional Saiyan armour, Vegeta’s a sucker for a bright pink shirt.

If Goku is Ryu, Vegeta is the Ken of DBFZ. With a plethora of kick attacks and a powerful rising knee move, Vegeta is a great close-range fighter with one of the best assists in the game so far. While his normal attacks may be better up close, it is quite easy to miss with Big Bang Attack if you get the timing wrong.

Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta

  • Level 1 Supers:
    • God Kamehameha (Goku) - Goku jumps forward and unleashes a diving Kamehameha.
    • God Galick Gun (Vegeta) - Vegeta fires a Galick Gun diagonally upwards.
    • Saiyan Barrage (Vegeta) - Vegeta uppercuts his opponent into the air and then punches them back down to the ground.
  • Level 3 Supers:
    • Kaioken x10 God Kamehameha (Goku) - Goku unleashes a rapid barrage of punches and kicks, uppercuts his opponent into the air and then fires off a Kaioken-boosted Kamehameha.
    • Final Flash Fist (Vegeta) - Vegeta focuses the power of a Final Flash into his fist and hits the opponent with a planet-destroying gut punch.
    • Final Flash (Vegeta) - Vegeta charges up a massive amount of ki and fires off a massive energy beam which nearly fills the screen.

In the current Dragon Ball canon, Super Saiyan Blue is the highest form a Saiyan can achieve. Only Goku and Vegeta have mastered the form and it gives them godlike strength, at the cost of massively draining their stamina. It also dyes your hair bright blue, which is a look only a handful of people can pull off. Given the long winded name of ‘Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan’, most Dragon Ball fans just call the form Super Saiyan Blue.

If Goku and Vegeta are like Ryu and Ken, SSB Goku and Vegeta are DBFZ's Evil Ryu and Violent Ken. While many of their normal attacks are the same, SSB Goku and Vegeta have entirely different specials and play differently to their blonde-haired counterparts. The most notable improvements are their increased speed and power, but this comes with lower defences. As a result, you’ll have to put in a fair bit of practice if you want to play SSB Goku or Vegeta. They are also not available as soon as you boot up the game - with pre-orders of Dragon Ball FighterZ giving you early access to both characters. If I were to hazard a guess as to why, it’s probably because you have to beat DBFZ’s story mode before you can play them.


DBFZ Gohan

  • Level 1 Supers:
    • Ultimate Kamehameha - Gohan fires a Kamehameha diagonally upwards.
  • Level 3 Supers:
    • Father/Son Kamehameha - With Goku assisting him, Gohan fires off a giant Kamehameha. By holding down the attack button, players can use two more Super bars to make this attack even stronger.

The son of Goku and Chi-Chi, Gohan is the first half-human, half-Saiyan in the Dragon Ball series. Rather than his Child or Mystic incarnation, the Gohan playable in DBFZ is Teen Gohan, the boy who was the first to unlock the power of Super Saiyan 2 and defeat Super-Perfect Cell. Unfortunately, Gohan never really lived up to his potential following his fight with Cell, leaving a legion of fans perpetually disappointed.

What Gohan lacks in range, he makes up for in raw power and speed. He’s currently the only character in the cast to have a Shoryuken-style move, and his fast Five Strike Combo allows him to cross the screen in the blink of an eye. As his Ultimate Kamehameha fires at an awkward angle, it’s best to Ultimate Z-Change into Gohan following an aerial combo in order to catch an opponent as they are falling back to earth. If all else fails, his Father/Son Kamehameha is the strongest Level 3 in the game so far.

Future Trunks

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  • Level 1 Supers:
    • Burning Attack - Trunks performs a series of rapid hand movements before firing off a powerful energy sphere.
  • Level 3 Supers:
    • Heat Dome Attack - Trunks throws his opponent into the air, surrounds himself in a dome of energy and then fires off a massive beam to incinerate his foe.

This is where Dragon Ball's backstory gets a bit complicated. Future Trunks is the son of Vegeta and Bulma, who comes from a timeline where the Earth has been ravaged by the androids of Dr Gero. He travels back in time to warn Goku and pals of the android menace, and then sticks around to help the gang defeat Cell before returning to the future. He travels back in time again during Dragon Ball Super to ask the Z-Fighters for help in defeating Black, an evil version of Goku. Don’t mess about with time-travel, kids.

Rather than relying solely on his fists, Future Trunks uses a sword to help him in battle. As a result, Trunks’ standard attacks reach further than other Saiyans like Goku and Vegeta, meaning he excels at the mid-range. His Lightning Sword Slash is great for setting up wallbounce combos, while his command jump is perfect for getting in and out of danger. Trunks' damage isn't as high as the other Saiyans, but his well-rounded moveset means that he can fit it on any team.


DBFZ Krillin

  • Level 1 Supers:
    • Destructo Disc - Krillin creates a giant energy disc which he then flings at an opponent. Players can summon multiple Destructo Discs if they have more than one bar on the Super gauge.
  • Level 3 Supers:
    • Scattering Bullet - Krillin fires a ki blast at the enemy, which curves upwards and settles above their head. This ki cloud then rains energy blasts down on the opponent.

Goku’s training partner during the original Dragon Ball series, Krillin is a stalwart member of the Z-Fighters and the world’s strongest human. While he has taken a few breaks from martial arts to focus on his career or spend time with his wife, Android 16, and their daughter Marron, he’ll always answer a call to arms should the Earth need him. He’s also holds the honour of having died more times than any other character in the entire series. Thank God for Dragon Balls.

Being the strongest human would sound impressive normally but when you’re fighting aliens with the power to destroy entire galaxies, Krillin doesn’t quite stack up strength-wise. He’s more of a support character in DBFZ, using his various techniques to bamboozle his opponent. His Afterimage Technique forces opponents to guess which attacker is the real Krillin, while his Destructo Disc is perfect for setting up traps. He can also heal himself or allies using Senzu Beans - magical veggies that restore all stamina. Much like in the show, Krillin will usually be the first character to die in a fight.


DBFZ Piccolo

  • Level 1 Supers:
    • Special Beam Cannon - Piccolo charges up this powerful spiral beam and fires it straight at his opponent. Much like Krillin’s Destructo Disc, you can hold down the Attack buttons to beef up this move.
    • Hellzone Grenade - Piccolo throws out a multitude of energy spheres which hang in the air. These grenades then chase the opponent and detonate on impact.
  • Level 3 Supers:
    • Light Grenade – Piccolo gathers his Ki into one energy ball. He then throws this super-powered grenade at his foe which explodes on impact.

Much like Vegeta, Piccolo was once Goku's enemy, who eventually turned into one of his best friends. The offspring of the evil King Piccolo, Piccolo was once thought to be a demon but is actually an alien from the planet Namek. While Goku was off fighting any threat that showed up on Earth’s doorstep, Piccolo became Gohan’s mentor and surrogate father. Over the course of the series Piccolo has absorbed two other Namekians, making him really three people in one. He can also regrow any limb that he loses in battle, which is pretty, erm, handy.

While he was a real contender in the first half of Dragon Ball Z, Piccolo has become more of a tactician and less of a frontline fighter as the series has gone on. This is reflected in DBFZ, where he is more adept at slowly breaking down his opponent’s defence using his various abilities, as opposed to beating them to a pulp using raw strength. He can also stretch his regenerating limbs like Dhalsim, allowing him to grab his opponent out of the air or off the ground. Piccolo can also summon a homing energy sphere which chases enemies around the screen. His two Level 1 Supers are powerful zoning tools as well, so expect Piccolo players to be slippery customers.


DBFZ Frieza

  • Level 1 Supers:
    • Death Ball - Frieza summons a large ball of purple energy, which he throws down at any opponents below him.
  • Level 3 Supers:
    • Golden Frieza - Frieza assumes his Golden form, giving him increased speed and power for a short amount of time.
    • Nova Strike - Frieza surrounds himself with purple energy and then flies directly into the ground.
    • Surprise Death Beam - Frieza fires a full-strength Death Beam up at his opponent. This Super is special in that it can only be used after Frieza has been knocked down.

As Universe 7’s local galactic emperor, Frieza is one nasty piece of work. Before he ran into Goku and the Z-Fighters, Frieza spent most of his time subjugating planets and annihilating anyone who refused to join him. He eventually met his end when Goku unlocked the power of the Super Saiyan and got Frieza to cut himself in half with his own attack. Frieza was eventually rebuilt by his father, King Cold, only to be sliced up and vaporized by Future Trunks. He was then resurrected a third time by his loyal servant Sorbet, before being knocked back into Hell by Goku. Talk about bad days at work.

In the current series of Dragon Ball Super, Frieza has been brought back to life yet again, but this time by Goku in order to help Universe 7 win the Tournament of Power. Desperate times and all that.

Rather than getting his hands dirty, Frieza prefers to toy with his opponents using his powerful ranged specials. Moves like Earth Breaker and Death Saucer allow the galactic emperor to pile on the pain at range, while Warp Smash gives him the ability to quickly close the gap and start a combo. His Death Ball is a fantastic move to Ultimate Z-Change into, and his Golden Frieza transformation makes him an even more terrifying opponent. Combine it with a Level 3 Sparking Blast, and Frieza can melt health bars, if not necessarily hearts.



  • Level 1 Supers:
    • Energy Field - Cell powers up for a second, and then releases a short range energy burst.
  • Level 3 Supers:
    • Solar Kamehameha - Cell gathers energy from the sun and fires off a giant Kamehameha at his opponent.

A bio-weapon created by Dr Gero, Cell is composed from the combined DNA of the galaxy’s greatest fighters. After absorbing his android brethern and achieving his Perfect form, Cell invited the Z-Fighters to duel him in order to determine the fate of the Earth. It all went horribly wrong for our heroes at first, as Cell managed to kill both Goku and Future Trunks without too much bother. It took the combined might of the remaining Z-Fighters, Vegeta and Super Saiyan 2 Gohan, to finally rid the planet of the green cicada monster. He currently resides in Hell, where he trains along with many of the other villains Goku and friends defeated during Dragon Ball Z.

As you can imagine given his provenance, Cell is a pretty powerful fighter. His specials allow him to cross the battlefield at great speeds which, combined with normal and ranged command grabs, make Cell a threat no matter where he is on screen. His Energy Field Super allows for plenty of Ultimate Z-Change follow-ups, too, and his standard Kamehameha can be aimed just like Goku’s. If you let Cell control the pace of the match, you’re in for a world of hurt.



  • Level 1 Supers:
    • Buu Explosion - Buu gets quite angry indeed and unleashes his rage with a giant, screen-filling explosion.
  • Level 3 Supers:
    • Biscuit Beam - Buu fires off a beam which turns his opponent into a biscuit. Buu then proceeds to chow down on said biscuit.

Buu is quite possibly one of the oddest characters in the entire Dragon Ball series. Originally a monster summoned by the evil warlock Babidi, Buu eventually turned into a member of the Z-Fighters after one of the most divisive Sagas in Dragon Ball’s history. While the evil version of Buu was destroyed by a Spirit Bomb, his good half lived on and became best mates with world martial arts champion Mr. Satan. Despite looking like Mr. Blobby’s blobbier cousin, Buu is one of the strongest fighters in Universe 7.

To compliment his wacky personality, Buu has a suitably eccentric fighting style. He can pull off and fling bits of his belly at his opponents to tie them in place; he can stretch his arms out to attack far-away targets; and he can send people flying with massive cartwheels. His Buu Explosion hits all around him, and Buu gains hyper armour when he is charging it up, meaning enemies are forced to block the attack or get hit. While his damage isn’t great, Buu shouldn't be underestimated.

Android 18

DBFZ Android 16

  • Level 1 Supers:
    • Energy Wave - Android 18 teleports above her opponent and fires off a giant energy beam.
  • Level 3 Supers:
    • Accel Dance - Android 18 calls upon her brother Android 17 (or Krillin if he is on your team) and blitz the enemy with a barrage of punches and kicks. She and her partner then fire off dual beam attacks to finish off their foe.

Android 18 (real name Lazuli) is one of Dr. Gero’s killer human/robot hybrids. Kidnapped as a child along with her brother, these two were developed to kill Goku and his mates. After turning on Dr. Gero, failing to murder Goku and then being absorbed by Cell, Android 17 and 18 were wished back to life following the events of the Cell Games and became good guys. Android 18 then settled down with Krillin and the two had a daughter called Marron. Despite turning to the side of good, Android 18 remains a fearsome fighter and is currently a part of Universe 7's team in the Tournament of Power.

Similar to R. Mika and her partner Nadeshiko in Street Fighter V, many of Android 18’s attacks have her calling on her brother to help out. Just when you think a combo is over, Android 17 will pop out of nowhere to tee up another string of attacks. One of Android 18's specials has Android 17 standing guard while his sister continues the fight. If an opponent calls in an Assist while Android 17 is on watch, he will counter-attack and deal a fair bit of damage. Once players master her unorthodox combo structure, Android 18 will be a nightmare to fight against.

Android 16

DBFZ Android 16

  • Level 1 Supers:
    • Hell Flash - Android 16 activates his arm cannons and fires out a powerful energy blast.
  • Level 3 Supers:
    • Hell Flash: Full Power - Android 16 fully charges his arm cannons and unleashes an earth-shattering beam attack.
    • Self Destruct - Android 16 lunges forward, grabs his opponent and then blows himself up.

A prototype android modelled after Dr. Gero’s dead son, Android 16 was originally designed to kill Goku. After several tests and some failed personality programming that made 16 a gentle soul, Gero put him back in storage to be completed at a later date. Following Android 17 and 18 turning on the old doctor, they brought 16 along for the ride in their mission to kill Goku. To cut a long story short, 16 eventually gave into his innate sense of justice and tried to kill Cell by using the bomb embedded in his chest. This backfired tremendously when 16 realized that said bomb had been removed as a safety precaution, leading 16 to be blown to smithereens by Cell. His death wasn’t completely in vain though, as his sacrifice pushed Gohan over the edge and allowed him to access the power of Super Saiyan 2.

As Dragon Ball FighterZ’s resident grappler, Android 16 is all about getting in close and dunking on your opponent. With both aerial and grounded command grabs, Android 16 can deal massive damage whenever he gets an opening. He can also cancel straight into both versions of Hell Flash from any of his command grabs, so don’t get grabbed if he has meter. While it does insta-kill the opponent, Android 16’s Self Destruct is very slow to start up and it converts all his remaining yellow life to blue life, meaning he dies off one clean hit. However, you are able to regenerate this blue life if you still have Sparking Blast available or are able to switch Android 16 out for another person on your team.

Tien Shinhan

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  • Level 1 Supers:
    • Kikoho - Tien jumps into the air and fires off his signature beam attack down at the opponent.
  • Level 3 Supers:
    • Shin Kikoho - Tien gathers together all of his strength and lets loose with a powered up version of the Kikoho. Tien can fire off multiple blasts of the Shin Kikoho, but each consecutive blast drains his health.

Much like Vegeta, Buu and Piccolo, Tien Shinhan was a rival of Goku who then became part of the Saiyan’s coterie of chums. A three-eyed student of the Crane School, Tien is the second strongest human behind Krillin and is probably the most serious of the Z-Fighters. Despite his relatively low power level compared to the likes of Goku and Vegeta, Tien has always been a valuable member of the Z-Fighters and was a great help in fighting both the Saiyans and the Androids - even if he got the piss beaten out of him both times. Tien's lifelong friend Chiaotzu appears as part of Tien's moveset, flying in to help the triclops win the day. While he may look like a cute zombie child, Chiaotzu is actually 40 years old. He's also prone to blowing himself up if things look bleak.

Similar to Android 18 summoning her brother to help out, Tien can call on Chiaotzu during battle to help lock down the enemy. When summoned, Chiaotzu can use his telekinetic powers to briefly seal your opponent's moves, allowing Tien to go on the offensive. Many of Tien's moves like the Machine Gun Punch and the Volleyball Attack knock opponents into the air, giving Tien or a teammate the opportunity to follow up with an air combo. Unlike other Supers that can be enhanced by using more bars of the Super gauge, Tien can sacrifice some of his health to fire off more blasts of his Level 3, the Shin Kikoho. If you're desperate to finish off a member of your opponent's team, it may be worth the risk.


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  • Level 1 Supers:
    • Spirit Ball - Yamcha focuses his ki into a small sphere. By controlling its trajectory, Yamcha uses the ball to blugeon his opponent with a series of high-speed strikes.
  • Level 3 Supers:
    • Wolf Fang Fist - Summoning up his ki, Yamcha dashes towards the enemy and lets fly with a rapid series of swipes and punches. He then sends his opponent careening backwards with a powerful double palm strike.

Oh Yamcha. Dear sweet Yamcha. Yet another rival turned friend, Yamcha's character arc is a depressing one. A proper badass during the original Dragon Ball series, this ex-desert bandit quickly became a running joke during the events of Dragon Ball Z, following his humiliating defeat at the hands of the Saibamen. Yamcha faded into the background after that, eventually giving up the martial arts to pursue a career in baseball. He's been relegated to a joke character in Dragon Ball Super - a sad end for a character who once was able to defeat Goku in a fight.

By some miracle though, Arc System Works have managed to turn Yamcha back into a badass for Dragon Ball FighterZ. Yamcha is a close-combat specialist who excels at rushing his opponent down and overwhelming them with quick strikes. He can rapidly switch between high and low attacks, so you'll need to be on your guard if you want to successfully block Yamcha's onslaught. Similar to Trunks' command jump, Yamcha looks to have a command backflip which he can attack out of, allowing him to surprise anyone who tries to chase him down. If you need more ways to mix-up your enemy, Yamcha can control the direction of his Spirit Ball Super with a special input - making it almost impossible to block correctly.

Dragon Ball FighterZ characters we'd like to see

In this section, we’re going to take some guesses at the characters who could potentially make it into Dragon Ball FighterZ. They range from almost guaranteed to pretty unlikely, so don’t go making any bets on our predictions. We’ve also theorised how each character would play in Dragon Ball FighterZ, just for a bit of extra fun.



A legendary assassin from Universe 6, Hit is one of the strongest fighters in the Dragon Ball canon. His immense power comes from his Time-Skip ability which allows him to freeze time and then jump forward one tenth of a second. When combined with his Vital Point Attack, Hit can kill you in one punch before you even know he’s there. He’s cold and anti-social most of the time, but he’ll occasionally crack a smile if someone manages to give him a good fight.

Rather than throwing Ki blasts or Kamehamehas, Hit would be a pure hand-to-hand fighter if he was introduced in DBFZ. This would counteract the power of Time-Skip, which would end up being his Level 3 Super. Time-Skip would freeze the screen for a short amount of time, allowing Hit to manoeuvre out of a tough spot or to pile on damage without a worry of retaliation. Seeing as the length of the Time-Skip is tied directly to Hit’s stamina, it would probably become less effective at low health. Hit’s Vital Point Attack would be his Level 1 Super; one powerful strike that homes in on an opponent’s vitals. You could use a Vital Point Attack while in Time-Skip to deliver a finishing blow, at the cost of up to 4 bars of your Super Gauge.

If Bandai Namco and Arc System Works do decide to use Dragon Ball Super characters in DBFZ, Hit will be a shoe-in. He’s one of the strongest characters in the entire show, his Time-Skip ability is a refreshing change from the usual giant beams and blasts most characters use, and he acts as a great representative for Universe 6.


DBFZ Launch

A companion of Goku, Krillin and Master Roshi in the original Dragon Ball series, Launch was a character that series creator Akira Toriyama simply forgot about. It’s a shame, as Launch would have been a welcome member of the Z-Fighters during Dragon Ball Z. She suffers from a strange disorder which has her swapping between two vastly different personalities whenever she sneezes. ‘Good’ Launch has blue hair and wouldn’t say boo to a goose. ‘Bad’ Launch has blonde-hair and would fill a goose full of hot lead if it so much as looked at her funny.

To match this personality switching, Launch would be a character with multiple forms similar to Tira in Soul Calibur V or Eyedol in Killer Instinct. In her Good form, Launch would be a keep-away character who fights by throwing household items at her opponents. Bad Launch would use her full arsenal of guns, rocket launchers and other weapons to unleash hell against her enemy. If the game falls in line with the not-particularly-progressive charaterisation of the anime, her Good Form Level 1 Super would probably see her cooking up a huge meal which either heals her friends or poisons her enemies. In her Bad Form, her Level 1 Super would see her jumping on her S-Cargo bike and perform a drive-by shooting. Whenever she uses a weapon or item-based special, there would be a chance of making Launch sneeze, triggering the form switch. Perhaps Launch would forego a Level 3 Super in exchange for another Level 1 that guarantees a form switch.

As with Hit, Launch’s inclusion depends on whether Arc System Works allow characters from the original Dragon Ball series to feature in DBFZ. There is the small problem of Launch just being a regular human going up against beings that can destroy galaxies, but her dual offensive/support moveset would make her stand out compared to yet another Saiyan.


DBFZ Pikkon

The strongest warrior in Universe 7’s West Galaxy, Pikkon has never really had a chance to shine outside of the one movie and filler saga he appeared in. An honourable fighter who managed to give Goku a run for his money during the Other World Tournament, DBFZ could be Pikkon’s time to shine given that he was snubbed as a potential member of Universe 7’s squad in the Tournament of Power.

Rather than using just boring old energy blasts, though, Pikkon’s signature abilities would see him either setting himself on fire and punching his opponent to death - as you do - or shooting a giant firestorm out of his fists. Similar to Gohan, Pikkon would work best as a rushdown character who burns his opponents to a crisp before they even get a chance to retaliate. His Burning Shoot would be his Level 1 Super, which would see him launching directly at his foe and unleashing a barrage of flaming punches and kicks. He would suit a projectile Super as well, perhaps Super Energy Bomb being a Level 1 Super akin to Vegeta’s Big Bang Attack. His Level 3 would have to be his signature Thunder Flash Attack which has him charging up and releasing a huge pillar of flame to scorch his foes.

When looking at the massive pool of potential DBZ characters to join the roster, Pikkon is probably far down Arc System Works’ list. But hopefully his unique fire-based attacks and dedicated fan following will see the proud warrior fighting alongside Goku once again.


DBFZ Tambourine

The strongest of King Piccolo’s children, Tambourine loves nothing more than slaughtering humans. Whenever he’s not helping his father collect the Dragon Balls, you can bet he’s trying to kill some innocent karate master. As the first creature to start of the long-standing tradition of murdering Krillin, Tambourine was quite the villain during the King Piccolo Saga, racking up over 50 kills before his eventual demise. He was able to defeat Goku on their first encounter, but was savagely beaten and vaporised by the young boy on their second meeting. He still holds the record for the most terrifying villain named after a percussion instrument.

Based on his ruthless personality, Tambourine would likely be a frustrating foe in DBFZ. His moveset would be all about making your opponent feel helpless, with Shocker Flatline stunning opponents for a short time, and his Lick Twister acting as a long-range command grab. His wings would also allow him to float in the air, giving him time to create tricky Assist mix-ups in the corner. His Evil Cannon would be his Level 1 Super, with the demon charging up a giant laser and then spitting it out of his mouth. To finish off his opponent, his Level 3 Super would be the Sidearm Flamer, with Tambourine powering up his fist, flying towards his enemy and driving his arm straight through their waist.

While he is a push-over compared to current Dragon Ball villains, Tambourine is still one of the most menacing antagonists in the entire series. Having an original Dragon Ball villain would remind newer fans of the series' roots and possibly get them to check out the series that started it all. In reality he’s a pipe-dream character, but he’s more likely to get in than Spike the Devil Man.

Captain Ginyu

DBFZ Ginyu

The leader of Frieza’s elite strike team, Captain Ginyu is less SAS commando and more Power Ranger. His Ginyu Force are like an evil version of the multi-coloured superhero squad, complete with dramatic poses and matching outfits. First appearing in the Namek Saga, Captain Ginyu picks a fight with Goku after the rest of his team have been killed. Using his famous Body Change Technique, Ginyu is able to briefly take control of Goku’s body before accidentally switching into the body of a frog. Frog Ginyu makes it all the way back to Earth, lying in wait at the Capsule Corporation pond until Frieza’s revival by Sorbet. He finally switches bodies with Frieza’s new second-in-command Tagoma, freeing himself from his froggy prison. This freedom is short-lived however, as he is quickly killed by Vegeta.

As a high-class warrior in Frieza’s army, Captain Ginyu would be a formidable fighter in DBFZ. We imagine he'd work a lot like Captain Commando from the Marvel vs. Capcom series, in which he can call in members of the Ginyu Force for specific special moves. Captain Ginyu's Level 1 Super would be his Galaxy Dynamite, where he fires off a rapid series of energy blasts which track the opponent and explode on contact. One of his Level 3 Supers would have him summoning the entire Ginyu Force for a massive combination attack but his main Level 3 would be the Body Change Technique. If this Super hits, the player controlling Ginyu would swap fighters with their opponent, health-bar and all.

You could deliberately take damage as Ginyu, change bodies with your opponent’s full health character and then stage a comeback. Balancing a mechanic like that would be tough, but boy would it be cool. Bandai Namco managed it in Xenoverse 2, so it is not out of the realm of possibility. The move would become significantly less exciting in a Ginyu mirror match though...

The Ginyu Force have always be fan favourites, so condensing them all into one character is a great way to save space on the roster. Combine this with the huge gimmick of the Body Change Technique and you’ve got the recipe for a unique, if potentially polarising character.

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Gi-15 avatarBen Barrett avatarAlt+Doom avatarcpt.fantastic avatarBeatExpert avatar
Alt+Doom Avatar
6 Months ago

Piccolo or I riot.

Gi-15 Avatar
6 Months ago

any word on if there is going to be local multiplayer?

Ben Barrett Avatar
6 Months ago

Would be extremely surprised if not, but not sure if it has been confirmed.

BeatExpert Avatar
3 Months ago

It's made by Arc Systems so yes it will.

cpt.fantastic Avatar
6 Months ago

This just might be the very first game I'll pre-order. The gameplay videos look so sweet.