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Dragon Ball FighterZ’s story mode stars an amnesiac Goku

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Dragon Ball FighterZ has felt like the hottest upcoming fighting game for a while now, with Arc’s gorgeous animation systems finally bringing to life one of the most beloved action anime series ever. Now, after an early tease, a new trailer has revealed a bit more about what to expect from Dragon Ball FighterZ’s story mode.

These are the characters of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Apparently, you’ll be linking minds with an amnesiac Goku, building connections with the Super Warriors as you try to unravel the mystery of the clone army and Android 21, both of which we already caught a glimpse of in the previous teaser.

In practical terms, that means hitting up an overworld map to seek out new battles and story events, leveling up your bonds and gathering new skills.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will release January 26, and is coming in a wide array of editions priced from “reasonably” to “probably ridiculous." Sadly, they missed out on offering a limited “Over $9000” edition.

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CursedNaruto Avatar
8 Months ago

9000 edition ideas? Working dragon ball radar with a dragonball with all self-sustaining GPS transceiver so it looks like you have a real one with 6 signals in far off lands