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Elite: Dangerous player treks 48 hours to the edge of the galaxy to save stranded pilot

Elite Dangerous

It can be a lonely old trek out there in the uncharted corners of our galaxy in Elite: Dangerous. One player found this out the hard way recently, after managing to get stranded in an empty system on the edge, his frame shift drive unable to make the jump back without a crucial resource - one that didn't exist on the system's solitary planet surface. 

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The stranded pilot, CMDR Macedonica, was on the verge of giving up and triggering a self-destruct, when out of frustration he decided to log his plight on the Frontier forums - a decision that led to a rescue attempt being made.

Macedonica was 1,000 lightyears out from Beagle Point, the bright cluster at the centre of our galaxy, and there was nowhere with Germanium - the resource needed to boost his jump range - nearby. His ship was capable of 29 LY, but the nearest system was 30.3 LY away.

Luckily, another pilot, CMDR Chiggy, suggested a course of action, asking if the landable planet had any rings or asteroids. It did, but Macedonica had no mining tools, so Chiggy decided to make the trek into the abyss to save him. 

Here's a video of the rescue attempt:

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CMDR Chiggy arrives at around 1 hour 28 minutes, and then the two join up for the actual mining operation, with Macedonica surely worrying about getting pinged by a chunk of rock the entire time.

It's emergent gameplay like this that makes Elite: Dangerous special. There's a real danger to anything you do, and a mistake could see you stranded in the cold blackness. Let's hope there's another CMDR Chiggy around if it happens to you. 

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HersheySquirtle avatarKirk McKeand avatarGreedy Raider avatarGhroznak the Orc avatar
HersheySquirtle Avatar
1 Year ago

This is pretty darn neat. It speaks a lot to the caliber of community that this game has and makes me really curious and interested in checking it out.

Kirk McKeand Avatar
1 Year ago

It's a great game if you give it the time it needs. You have to make your own fun, but get smuggling illicit goods and you'll soon be having a wicked time.

Ghroznak the Orc Avatar
1 Year ago

The community has everything from run-of-the-mill griefers to dedicated samaritans (the latter being portrayed in this article).

If you haven't tried the game then it's worthwhile looking up some videos and also twitch-streams to get a good idea what it's all about.

I love the game myself. Sci-fi genre has been dominated by click-in-space EVE Online for years and years. Finally games like X3, Elite, Star Citizen and others are letting us get into those cockpits, grab a flight stick and zip through the stars :)

Greedy Raider Avatar
1 Year ago

Just a Correction, Beagle Point is on the FURTHEST star from sol, not the centre of the galaxy , its on the other side of the Milky way and is about 60.000 Ly away from sol :)