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Thargoids are attacking space stations in Elite Dangerous

elite dangerous thargoid space station

Update: A new video from Frontier confirms the Thargoids are behind attacks on Elite Dangerous' star ports.

Star ports across Elite Dangerous are under attack from Thargoids, the strange alien creatures that have been appearing throughout the game over the past year. Players are being tasked with flying into ruined and burning stations to pick up survivors.

To learn more about what the aliens have been up to, we spoke to the Elite Dangerous players studying the Thargoids.

A particular risk of the mission is guiding your ship through the wreckage of what is now essentially an oven. If you stray to close to the fires or you take too long landing then you'll be damaged by the intense heat.

Along with the above trailer we've been sent some screenshots of what a ruined station looks like:

elite dangerous thargoid space station

And there's also an image of this particularly aggressive looking Thargoid:

elite dangerous thargoid space station 

The attacks have already started taking place, so if you boot up the game you might soon find yourself receiving SOS messages from attacked stations.

Original Story: Elite Dangerous players are reporting that the Thargoids are starting to attack space stations, leaving stranded survivors needing to be evacuated urgently.

The mysterious aliens that have been popping up all around the galaxy over the past year have until now been largely peaceful. There have been instances of violence but most encounters seemed more like the creatures were studying players, this new development is a marked change and a possible sign of things to come.

Player CmdrBadPlayer posted screenshots of what they encountered in the game. It started with a priority message:

elite dangerous thargoid space station

Thargoids had attacked a station and the station commander was asking for nearby players to try and evacuate survivors. The mission board for the station then fills with requests for pickups:

elite dangerous thargoid space station

When CmdrBadPlayer actually arrived at the station it was a wreck:

elite dangerous thargoid space station

That ship scan suggests the Thargoids may not have left the area.

If this marks a shift in human Thargoid relations, I wonder if this means there’s a full-on war coming in 2018.

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Glen_Runciter avatarMalakie avatar
Glen_Runciter Avatar
7 Months ago

It's so much more exciting to read about this game than actually playing it is.

Malakie Avatar
7 Months ago

LOL I was going to say the same thing. It sounds like fun when you read about it.. But not so much in game due to it being boring with very linear missions and no dynamic game play...

It also has become a free for all for griefing.. I tried when the patch came out to do some of the thargoid artifact gathering missions. It was impossible for anyone who had smaller ships because griefers camp all the sites and our small ships have no chance against them.

I have not played in months now because I just finally got fed up with it.

Some say "play solo" mode then. What is the point of an MMO if you cannot play around other people?

I like how my login says 1 hour played too.. LOL talk about way off.. I don't usually login via Steam but directly through the Elite launcher...