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Vive pre-orders now live, shipping makes prices a little higher than predicted

Vive Pricing

Update: You can buy a Vive now, if you've got the money behind the sofa. It'll be a bit more expensive than initially thought though.

The Vive pre-order page is now up and after a small hiccup, it's even actually working. However, because of tax, shipping and general financial awfulness, the earlier estimates on price have had to be readjusted.

How many of the upcoming PC games are you looking forward to trying in VR?

Here's what things are sitting for each region now:

  • US: $30 shipping means it's now $829.00.
  • UK: £57.60 shipping and tax means it's now £746.60.
  • EU: €73.20 extra equals a total of €972.20.

The EU number is based on France and may be different depending on where you live. You can have a check on the official pre-order page. If you're thinking of doing some trickery to dodge a bit of this, remember that Oculus started cancelling certain orders when they realised what was going on in similar circumstances. Basically, if you've enough money to spend several hundred pounds on a device that requires a clear room to use and has almost no real software for it yet - just pay for the proper shipping as well, eh?

Let us know below if you're planning on getting one, preferring the Oculus or instead have a sensible amount of disposable income.

Original Story: The international pricing for Valve and HTC's combo VR project, the Vive, has been revealed. While the US price of $799 for headset and two controllers had already been revealed, £689 in the UK and €899 for Europe are new. Respectively, citizens of each area are paying $156 and $180 over the US price for a variety of shipping and tax reasons, no doubt. It compares unfavourably to the Oculus' $599 and equivelents, but it does come with its own controllers.

It's also been announced that the Vive will ship with three apps - Fantastic Contraption, Job Simulator and Google's Tilt Brush drawing program, which they've made a little trailer for:

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If you're all about this bleeding edge life, pre-orders open at 3pm UK, 8am PST, or in about 4 hours. Details on that over on the official site, while the pre-order page itself isn't up yet, there is this bundle of mystery in its place. Looking at the source code, it prints a dot every few seconds that is of a slightly larger font-size than the previous one. After a few reps it clears them out and starts again. Quite a nice loading screen mock-up, probably somebody's idea of a Half-Life 3 confirmation - I'll leave the theorising to you.

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Esivo avatarKeefBaker avatarQDP2 avatarMerseyMal avatarShriven avatarHarbinger73 avatar
Esivo Avatar
2 Years ago

So much more expensive in Europe.. What the f?

KeefBaker Avatar
2 Years ago

lol. $953. You could probably pay for the flight to pick it up from the US

QDP2 Avatar
2 Years ago

$800 USD = £576

I guess I'll be getting my Vive from America XD

MerseyMal Avatar
2 Years ago

£576 is without sales tax/VAT.

£576 + 20% VAT = £691.00

Harbinger73 Avatar
2 Years ago

Actually it includes local sales tax. Valve just don't bother removing it before converting to GBP, instead they make a direct conversion of the US retail price.

This way they get to keep the difference and we get to pay more tax as a result of an inflated pre-VAT price.

Yay for unfair pricing. :D

Shriven Avatar
2 Years ago

Buy from America