A vault full of features for Fallout's 20th anniversary

Fallout anniversary

We spent a week celebrating the original Fallout's 20th anniversary. Along the way we learned that Fallout 1 was nearly first-person, that Fallout 2's car trunk was a little unruly, and that Fallout: New Vegas could have been rather different. Here is a roundup of our anniversary coverage, from Fallout to Fallout 5. Just click the pictures and enjoy! 

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How did Fallout 1 ever get made?

Fallout 1


How Fallout 2's wild wasteland came to define a series

Fallout 2


Why the time is right for a Fallout: Tactics sequel

fallout tactics sequel


Fallout 3's Washington, D.C. reinvented the dungeon

Fallout 3 Washington DC


Fallout 3's vault 101 is perfect

fallout 3 best opening


Making New Vegas was a battle against time

Fallout: New Vegas


New Vegas is a perfect fit for Fallout's dystopia

Fallout: New Vegas


New Vegas is the most adventurous Fallout game

Fallout: New Vegas


Come Fly With Me is the best New Vegas side-quest

Fallout: New Vegas


I became a prisoner of my own Fallout 4 settlement

Fallout 4


Fallout 4's great combat is down to its power armour 

Fallout 4




The Fallout 5 locations we'd love to see

The Fallout 5 locations we'd love to see


The 9 best Fallout companions ever

best fallout companions followers


Fan purchases latest Fallouts so he can complain

Falllout 4


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