Nvidia release Vault 1080 mod for Fallout 4, adds gloomy new area and an hour of gameplay | PCGamesN

Nvidia release Vault 1080 mod for Fallout 4, adds gloomy new area and an hour of gameplay

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Nvidia’s Lightspeed Studio have been hard at work for the past six months developing a sizable mod for Fallout 4 called Vault 1080. The mod blends together some of Nvidia’s graphical improvements for the game - weapon debris and HBAO+, god rays and volumetric lighting - with a gloomy new area in the game’s world.

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Players will be taken deep underground to the titular Vault 1080, where they will come into contact with a depraved and misguided congregation of dwellers who have embraced sickening means in order to survive. With over an hour of gameplay to be had in the new environment, the mod’s storyline will ask players to judge whether the monsters of this vault deserve salvation.

You can read more about the Nvidia mod on their official blog, or download it from Bethesda here. Alternatively, you can enjoy the screens below for a taste of what the mod has to offer.

Vault 1080 Fallout 4 mod

Vault 1080 Fallout 4 mod

Lovely, miserable Fallout.

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Segur ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽/ Avatar

The blog link seems to be dead.

Jordan Forward Avatar
1 Year ago

Fixed! Thanks for pointing it out.

0V3RKILL Avatar
1 Year ago

https://youtu.be/2-61Zn4Sb8Q?t=2m37s don't like where NVidia is going with that technology. performance over quality is not my thing. I hope it never becomes a thing.

SamRothstein Avatar
1 Year ago

I didnt know Nvidia made mods?