You can eat cats in Fallout 76

fallout 76 cat

You need to eat and drink to stay alive in Fallout 76 and, considering food is now perishable, it’s not always the easiest thing to come by. So sometimes you have to get creative… sorry, puss.

Yes, in Fallout 76 you can – and sometimes might have to – eat a cat. Boiled, burned, or straight from the (cat) basket, it doesn’t matter. Sinking your teeth into a pussy cat could be the one thing between you living or dying in the multiplayer wasteland.

This isn’t the first animal that you can eat in a Fallout game but it is probably the first time you can eat a cat in the series.

The new eat and drink requirements could put Fallout 76 among the best survival games on PC.

In previous game you’ve been able to eat roasted ants, mongrel dogs, coyote steaks, brahmin hides, and even parts of the hideous Deathclaw. Perhaps the most memorable is the ‘strange meat’ – it’s never been confirmed, but the suspicion is that it’s human meat. The Fallout games are no strange to cannibalism after all.



The news of this cat eating comes from the lastest Noclip documentary, which tells the story of Fallout 76’s development. It also has a ton of information of how the game works, too. You should give it a watch:

We now knowFallout 76’s release date, so, really, we have a countdown to the day we’ll have to make a decision as to whether we want to, or will – want doesn’t come into it – eat a cat.