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You’ll be able to earn Fallout 76’s microtransaction currency in-game

Fallout 76 hunger and thirst

Update, July 2: Fallout 76 cosmetics can be earned in-game, as well as purchased.

We know Fallout 76 will offer microtransactions for cosmetic items, and now we know you won’t actually have to spend money if you want access to those options. Todd Howard says that whatever the form Fallout 76’s real money currency takes, you’ll be able to earn it in-game. Howard says the two main goals for the game’s microtransactions are to avoid pay-to-win mechanics and allow any such items to be earned in-game.

With, er, pioneering experience in the field going all the way back to horse armour, Bethesda’s done a fair amount both right and wrong when it comes to add-on content, and Howard says that learning has helped them balance the design of Fallout 76’s purchase options. The developers don’t want to split the playerbase by offering exclusive bits of DLC, and these cosmetic items are intended to keep additional features free while bringing in additional revenue for continued development.

We're hoping Fallout 76 ends up being one of the best multiplayer games on PC.

This comes from a GameStar interview - translated via Reddit - in which Howard also discussed the return of radiant quests in Fallout 76.

We first heard microtransactions would "only come in the form of cosmetics" through Noclip's Danny O'Dwyer, who has had extensive access to developer Bethesda. Moreover, "any purchaseable cosmetics available will also be available to earn through gameplay." Bethesda says this will be a crucial element in supporting dedicated servers and keeping DLC free.

That's right: Fallout 76 will be supported with "free updates for years to come" in the form of regular, small content injections - such as events or new items - that will fall between larger updates on a lengthier schedule.

This, at any rate, is the current plan - Bethesda says it expects to make adjustments after the game launches, and intends to double down on the features players seem to be embracing.

There's no telling what those updates will entail right now, but we've been taking a look at the monsters from West Virginian folklore, and if any are missing at launch, I'm definitely on board with a live model if it means they get added in. Battling some of those using the new real-time VATS system should be pretty intense.

Noclip's latest episode is typically excellent and has plenty more to say about how Fallout 76 was made and how it will work. You should give it a watch in full, but all the stuff on live content and microtransactions is at 30:15, if you want to skip ahead:

Thanks to E3 and all the interviews that have followed we now know Fallout 76's release date and plenty else, so you know where to click to get caught up. 

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Clutchy avatarRichard Scott-Jones avatarEase avatarllubtoille avatarmmoblitz avatarXerkics avatar+1
Clutchy Avatar
1 Month ago

This sounds like paid monthly subscription or massive micro-transaction models. Have they mentioned anything about pricing?

Richard Scott-Jones Avatar
1 Month ago

There are microtransactions for cosmetics, but that's it, and the cosmetics can be earned through gameplay too.

It looks like all the new playable content will be free (I've added a small update on this, thanks for the question!)

Ease Avatar
1 Month ago

This sounds like the GW2 business-model. Psyched if so!

llubtoille Avatar
2 Weeks ago

Wonder how they'll go about adding the 'bethesda' currency into gameplay, or will it be a tradable currency that someone has to purchase - but a 'f2p' player can then obtain through trade. WoW's kinda gone that route with $ <-> gold inter-player transactions, but it would add a bit of a pay-to-win element if trade is unrestricted (whereas in WoW most gear isn't tradable).

Then again, could just be from repeatable quests or random drops like the fallout shelter loot-boxes were.

mmoblitz Avatar
2 Weeks ago

And when they don't earn enough from cosmetic only purchases, I'm sure other things will find their way into the store..ESO anyone?

Xerkics Avatar
2 Weeks ago

Id be more interested if it had NPCs so far it just sounds like a game they couldnt finish on time as single player so decided to release as multiplayer sandbox. They are yet to convince me that no npcs is a good thing and not a massive flaw of the game.

MadMarchHare Avatar
2 Weeks ago

Lol of course micro transaction and pixelated pseudo currency in a full price game, because of course.