For Honor is getting dedicated servers

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Just yesterday we detailed how Ubisoft were turning around the core of For Honor by making aggression more viable, and now they’re pressing forward once more - dedicated servers are coming. Can they turn the game around like they did with The Division and Rainbow Six? 

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Previously, For Honor ran off peer-to-peer online services, and dedicated servers have been the most-requested feature in the game since launch. Ubisoft Montreal are currently at work on creating the infrastructure for the servers. While we’re waiting, they still plan to enhance peer-to-peer stability. 

Ubisoft also promise a bunch of other content, including gameplay changes. The big tweaks will be marked by a new season, with the first kicking off next month with that aforementioned aggression patch. There will be another, along with more big changes, in November. 

New modes are also in the works. There’s going to be a duel tournament feature added to competitive, there will be ranked 4v4 matches, a more robust training mode, and a new 4v4 mode. 

“Since launch, our team has worked diligently to identify and correct issues that were not apparent with our testing and live phases,” Roman Campos-Oriola, the new creative director of For Honor, says. “The For Honor roadmap is how we plan to build a stronger game through elements like dedicated servers. We are committed to our players and look to offer long-term support for the game.”

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Your Waifu avatarMrJinxed avatarWhiteCrow avatarcallumjsim avatar
Your Waifu Avatar
2 Months ago

Too late for that now.

MrJinxed Avatar
2 Months ago

This is such a shame they only came to this conclusion now. This game could have been something amazing, but the train has mostly left the station. People aren't going to go back to it and the hype train has long since left the station, so nobody will get hyped and talk about it to bring in the masses AGAIN, just because they came to their senses. It's such a damn shame, as the game is really cool.

WhiteCrow Avatar
2 Months ago

Too little too late. Why businesses, be they any kind, ignore the suggestions and requests of the very people they are hoping to attract I'll never know.

callumjsim Avatar
callumjsim(1 day 8 hours played)
2 Months ago