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Epic didn’t know you could surf on Fortnite’s rockets until a player did it

Fortnite guided missile

We’ve known since the days of Quake that the rocket launcher is a versatile tool - it blows things up, and can be used as a means of transportation. If YouTube is anything to judge by, rocket-surfing in Fortnite is a remarkably popular way to get around, and it turns out Epic didn’t intentionally put it in the game.

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Epic’s Nick Chester mentioned this on Twitter Thursday. “We didn’t know you could ride on the rocket until someone did it last year,” he said.

The fact that it’s possible to do something like this the designers hadn’t planned on speaks to the robustness of Fortnite’s Unreal Engine physics and code. And Chester seems hopeful that players will discover more creative ways to repurpose the game’s weapons - specifically the new guided missile, which someone has already used to ride their way to a Victory Royale.


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hyperlordXP avatarDisruption. avatarIan Boudreau avatar
hyperlordXP Avatar
1 Month ago

It seems you haven't included how rocket riding started, It all started back in October last year, with the Halloween Event, They customized the rocket launcher heads to be pumpkins, and when ever you shot one it would let out a creepy laugh, It's not clear who started to rocket ride first but I know it was just a bug in the game the developers didn't intend of adding, they soon told us that rocket riding would be a main staple in the game and that it would stay, so some people were kinda mad and some people absolutely loved it, personally I've never rocket ride before, but I want to try it.

Ian Boudreau Avatar
1 Month ago

Excellent info! I think what's neat is that it isn't really a "bug" per se - the game is working correctly. Different systems - jumping, rockets being actual entities in the game - work with each other without the designers having had to put them in on purpose.

Disruption. Avatar
1 Month ago

Still bunny hopping.