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Fortnite Steam: how to get the battle royale game on Valve’s client

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How do I get Fortnite on Steam? Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the biggest games on the planet right now. Millions of players are choosing Fortnite over PUBG and are parachuting down from Epic Games’ battle bus to claim a sweet victory royale. But, the real question is: will there ever be a Fortnite Steam version?

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As you might have noticed, you cannot find Fortnite on Steam as you would the vast majority of games. Like Overwatch or League of Legends, there is no Fortnite Steam version... unless you know this little trick, that is. Below you can find out how to get Fortnite on Steam:

Why is there no Fortnite Steam version?

Fortnite is made by Epic Games, who have had their own game client since 2016, the year Paragon released. For precisely the same reason Blizzard games are found on their own app client, Fortnite can only be found on the Epic launcher. Not to worry, though: below you can find out how to get Fortnite Steam. Let’s just hope Fortnite and PUBG play nice in your library.

Step one: open Valve’s client

Fortnite Steam

The first step in getting Fortnite on Steam is, well, opening Steam. In the bottom left corner you should see the ‘Add a Game’ button. Once you click you should see an option which reads ‘Add a Non-Steam Game’. Click that, then a new window will open in your web browser.

Step two: find Fortnite’s .exe file

Your next job is to find the .exe file of Epic’s battle royale phenomenon in your file explorer. These tend to be quite easy to find as they use the game logos you are familiar with. Steam will offer suggestion of games it has found but, if you cannot find your Fortnite file in the list, it will usually be located here: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite\FortniteGame\Binaries\Win64.

Step three: add Fortnite to your Steam library

fortnite steam

Once you have found the Fortnite .exe file, click the tick-box next to the icon and then press the button that says ‘Add Selected Programs’. Now you should have Fortnite Steam; that wasn’t so hard was it?

There you have it: that is how you get Fortnite Steam. Let us know whether you will ass the battle royale game to your Steam collection in the comments below.

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4 Months ago

Any PC gamer that doesn't know about adding non-steam games to Steam should be ashamed, and the fact that it's posted on this site is even more shameful!

spideyguyrk Avatar
4 Months ago

in such a way describing each and every step is most shameful!

Moadh99 Avatar
1 Month ago

what is more shameful is that the steps shown here don't actually work (I knew how to add a non steam game before even looking here). The problem with fortnite is that it uses a launcher then this launcher takes you to the actual game then when you enter Battle Royale mode it closes the game and takes you to another .exe file so the steam client thinks that the game was closed and it changes the "in-game" status