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Fortnite week 8 challenges: Fortnite Taco shops, open Snobby Shores chests, and search between three boats

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Seven days have passed, which means it's time for the Fortnite week 8 challenges. Challenges are live now, rewarding you with bonus Battle Stars and XP if you complete them.

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There are, as always, seven Fortnite Week 8 challenges (four normal, earning you five battle stars, and three hard, which will net you ten stars). Here’s what they are, and how to beat them.

Fortnite week 8 challenges

  • Use A Vending Machine - 5 stars
    • This one's easy - Fortnite vending machines can be found all over the map. Make sure to stock up on materials to swap in for the machine's contents.
  • Deal damage with Explosive weapons to opponents - 5 stars
    • You'll have to do quite a lot of damage - 1000 points in total - but the good news is that explosive weapons like Fortnite's Guided Missile, Rocket Launcher, or Grenades all do a lot of damage. Helpfully, this Reddit thread suggests that damage to yourself counts for the total, which is a handy shortcut (if you're willing to blow yourself up a bunch of times).
  • Search chests in Snobby Shores - 5 stars
    • Head to the houses on the West coast of Fortnite's island and open seven chests to complete the challenge.
  • Visit three different taco shops in a single match - 5 stars
    • There are five Fortnite taco shops. Your best bet is to drop at the football stadium West of Tilted Towers, before heading to the settlement to hit the next one. After that, head South to the shop between Shifty Shafts and Flush Factory.
  • Search between Three Boats - 10 Stars
    • There aren't many places with boats on Fortnite's island, so it should be reasonably obvious that you're heading to Loot Lake to complete this challenge. Land for the island in the centre of the lake and hunt around for the Battle Star.
  • Assault Rifle Eliminations - 10 stars
    • You need to pick up five Assault Rifle kills to complete this challenge. If you can find a SCAR, you'll make this challenge significantly easier.
  • Eliminate opponents in Dusty Depot - 10 stars
    • This one might be a bit tricky - there's often not a lot of loot at Dusty Depot's factories. Make sure to land early to secure yourself a gun, and then take down three enemies to complete this challenge.

The Forntite week 8 challenges will reward you with 4,000 XP, which is a pretty impressive amount. If you haven’t completed challenges from Fortnite week five or Fortnite week six yet, remember they’re all still available, so you can still earn your bonus stars and XP. Meanwhile, the Fortnite week seven challenges are still live, so be sure to complete them.

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