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Fortnite week 9 challenges: Fortnite taco shops, Moisty Mires treasure map, and Haunted Hills chests

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The Fortnite week 9 challenges have been datamined. Challenges will go live on Thursday, April 19, so here's an early look at what you'll have to do.

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There are, as always, seven Fortnite Week 9 challenges (four normal, earning you five battle stars, and three hard, which will net you ten stars). Here’s what they are, and how to beat them.

Fortnite week 9 challenges

  • Deal damage to opponents' structures - 5 stars
    • This one should be nice and easy, especially if you have a Minigun or a Rocket Launcher to hand. You'll need to deal 5000 points of damage to complete this challenge.
  • Search chests in Haunted Hills - 5 stars
    • Another simple one - drop for Haunted Hills towards the North-West corner of the map, and open seven chests. Just make sure to avoid all the other people who are also dropping there.
  • Build structures - 5 stars
    • Epic are being generous this week. You'll have to build 250 walls, ramps, or floors to complete this challenge, but to be honest, you should be doing this anyway. Just make sure you've got plenty of materials.
  • Visit three different taco shops in a single match - 5 stars
    • There are five Fortnite taco shops. Your best bet is to drop at the football stadium West of Tilted Towers, before heading to the settlement to hit the next one. After that, head South to the shop between Shifty Shafts and Flush Factory.
  • Follow the treaure map found in Moisty Mire - 10 Stars
    • The Moisty Mire treasure map points you towards the triangle of trees a little South-East of Retail Row. From there, head West until you reach a group of houses, this time to the South-West of Retail Row. The battle star should be on the chimneys of the Western-most house.
  • Shotgun Eliminations - 10 stars
    • You need to pick up four Shotgun kills to complete this challenge. Pump, Tactical, and Heavy Shotguns will all do the job.
  • Eliminate opponents in Lucky Landing - 10 stars
    • The difficult bit of this challenge is actually getting to Lucky Landing, on Fortnite's Southern-most shore. Once you're there, there's often decent loot (and crucial high ground) in the pagoda to the north, so it could be a good palce to land. You'll need three eliminations to complete this challenge.

The Fortnite week 9 challenges will reward you with 4,000 XP, which is a pretty impressive amount. If you haven’t completed challenges from Fortnite week fiveFortnite week six or Fortnite week 7 yet, remember they’re all still available, so you can still earn your bonus stars and XP. Meanwhile, the Fortnite week 8 challenges are still live, so be sure to complete them.

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