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Ninja pledges to tone down cursing in streams, and some fans aren’t happy

Tyler Blevins, better known as the massively popular Fortnite streamer Ninja, is currently gaming’s biggest celebrity. Recognizing how many of his fans are still children and young teenagers, he’s decided to dial back on the salty language during some of his streams - but some of his millions of fans don’t like the idea at all.

On Monday, Ninja announced via Twitter that he was planning on introducing a self-imposed ratings system for his streams and YouTube videos, labeling them “PG, PG-13, or R” depending on the content.

Kotaku points out that this is more or less in line with what Ninja told YouTuber H3H3 during an interview in April, that his goal was to make his stream “G-Rated,” a change he decided to make after receiving an email from a parent who said they wished they could let their child watch Ninja’s streams with the sound on.

While some fans have been supportive, others have cried foul, calling the move a “sellout” and an attempt to “be mainstream.” Ninja explained to one fan that he wasn’t worried about YouTube demonetizing his videos, but that “sometimes it’s just about providing new and fresh content, not the money.”

It doesn’t seem like Ninja plans on clamping down to an across-the-board “G” rating, and he’s aware that his celebrity guests are going to use colorful language from time to time. Instead, the plan appears to be clearly labeling his streams and VODs so that parents are better able to tell which content is appropriate for their kids.

It’s an idea that gamer parents seem to like.

“That’s awesome, you’re my 10yo daughters hero,” one fan wrote.

Top image credit: H3 Podcast, via YouTube

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panbient avatarSkankwOn avatarGrgoljblaster avatar
panbient Avatar
2 Weeks ago

The only thing excessive swearing / cursing does is make the individual sound like a kid trying to sound 'adult'. That's not the case at all though. It makes a person sound like a 12 year old that just discovered saying the F word doesn't make the world end.

Besides, fucking excessive fucking use of a fucking word just fucking diminishes the fucking impact and fucking worth of the fucking word. How fucking edgy does this fucking fuck word actually fucking sound?

Kudos to this guy for making an effort.

SkankwOn Avatar
1 Week ago

For fudge cake!

Grgoljblaster Avatar
1 Week ago

Will someone think of the children?