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Forza Horizon 3 patch is 53GB, corrupts saves, is seemingly the debug version of the game

Not GOTY - Forza Horizon 3

A Forza Horizon 3 patch has been causing some grief today, asking people to download the entire game again, and not even bothering to overwrite the existing files. It’s not only filling up hard drives, though - it’s also been wiping saves. 

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Players all over the official Forza forums have been reporting the issue, with many saying their saves are now corrupt.

With the patch being the size of the entire game, there’s been some speculation that the developers accidentally released the development version of the game instead of the patch. There are even some screens floating around the internet seemingly showing the debug version of the racer.  

Earlier today, the official Twitter account said the team was looking into the issue and warned people to cancel the download in a follow-up tweet. 

There’s also been a statement given over on the game’s forums, telling people which version they should have active. “The incorrect PC version of FH3 has now been removed and replaced. PC players who have the FH3 version ending with .37.2 should immediately uninstall that version of the game, then re-install. The correct playable version should end in .35.2,” it says. 

“PC players who completed the download of .37.2 and then started a new game save will have a corrupted saved game. Avoid creating a new saved game on .37.2, and only play on .35.2 to avoid this issue. As long as you have an existing save and have not created a new one on .37.2, your saved game will work correctly once the update is available.”

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QDP2 avatarPhil Iwaniuk avatar
QDP2 Avatar
1 Year ago

Any news on the plans for all those who created a new save file on 37.2, and data potentially worth a small fortune in car assets? I'm not one of these people, but I feel almost certain that some people out there will have just lost there saves and with it a load of invested money.

Phil Iwaniuk Avatar
1 Year ago

I would be inconsolable if I lost my save at this point. Millions upon millions in cars. I can't even think about it. Not sure what the devs can do for those with corrupted saves but I hope it reaches a satisfactory conclusion.