Hearthstone: League of Explorers - all the new cards

More cards. More! Hearthstone's newest adventure, League of Explorers, begins its release cycle tomorrow. That means we've got access to all of the new cards that will be making their debut over the course of the next few weeks. We've arranged the lot of them below into their classes and rarity so you're ready to craft new decks and climb the ladder.

Will any of these become one of the best Hearthstone legendaries?

The theme, perhaps unsurprisingly, is exploration - caverns, caves, tombs, tricks and traps. With that comes a few new mechs and murlocs for your theme decks and cards specifically designed to combat the game's current problems. Keep an eye out for the Warrior commons Ben Brode told us were designed to give the class a boost in Arena and anything that might help stem the tide of Secret Paladins or give Shaman and Rogue a much-needed constructed boost.

Here we go:











We'll have much more on League of Explorers over the coming weeks, so check back regularly and let us know below which cards have you excited in the comments below.

War Thunder
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