Hearthstone TV adverts pit Stormwind Champion against an ogre

Hearthstone TV advert

Hearthstone already has 30 million players, but Blizzard are hunting for more. The developer has had a couple of wonderful TV adverts made for the game, which show off the gently amusing world of Hearthstone in live action. The tabletop cards are transformed into the Warcraft characters themselves, and it’s the Stormwind Champion vs an ogre. Who will emerge victorious? 

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Turns out the Champion isn’t the chosen one, and instead our bus-riding hero instead sends in Tinkmaster Overspark as a substitute. He’s… very effective. 

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Ogre is less than impressed with his defeat on the field, but he’s optimistic that things will be better in the future. “We can always do better,” he growls.

If you want to do better at Hearthstone than that ogre, be sure to check out our Hearthstone guides

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Tovias avatar
Tovias Avatar
2 Years ago

Now this is the kind of publicity I dig.