All the Hearthstone: Journey to Un'Goro cards revealed so far

Hearthstone Un'goro card list

Hearthstone's next expansion will be Journey to Un'Goro, featuring adapting dinosaurs, elemental creatures and quests. Below we've gathered every single now card, arranged by class, cost and rarity, as well as everything else you could possibly want to know about the expansion. Plus, senior game designer Ben Brode's hit single.

We’ll soon need to update our list of the best Hearthstone decks once more.I

First up, here's the new mechanics:

  • Adapt - Lets you discover an effect to add to a minion. You can see all the possible effects at the bottom of this page.
  • Quests - One-cost legendary cards, one for each class, that begin in your hand in every game, though can be mulliganed away. Once their demands are met, they reward an extremely powerful card.
  • Elementals - A new creature type, retroactively applied to various cards. It will be relevant.
  • Dinosaurs - There are a lot of these. Does that count as a mechanic? It does now.

For a quick overview, here's the introduction video:

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Or alternatively, Ben Brode's lyrical contribution:

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Glorious. On to the cards:

Neutral cards

Fire Fly's Flame Elemental:

Elise's pack token:

Druid cards

Hunter cards

Queen Carnassa, The Marsh Queen quest reward:

Mage cards

Pyros' two other forms:

Paladin cards

Priest cards


Rogue cards

The Caverns Below reward:

Come clarification on how this works from game designer Peter Whalen here.

Sherazin's dormant form:

Shaman cards

Megafin, the Unite the Murlocs quest reward:

Kalimos' four elemental invocations:

Warlock cards

Nether Portal:

Warrior cards

Adapt possibilities:

The plant token from Living Spores:

Here's the archive of the initial card reveal stream with game designer Peter Whalen and Shaun 'Day9' Plott:

As well as the ongoing series of videos starring Danny Pudi introducing things in a more lore-friendly way:

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And finally, some random facts ahead of the full card reveals, including details on how quests actually operate:

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