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The Witchwood is Hearthstone’s next expansion, adds a new single-player mode

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Blizzard have confirmed the first expansion for Hearthstone’s Year of the Raven. Titled the Witchwood, we’ve got a look at the first few cards for the spooky-themed add-on, and some details about what to expect from the new single-player mode.

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We’ve gotten a look at six cards so far, and they introduce three new abilities. Start of the Game gives you special powers if your deck meets certain conditions when the round begins. Echo lets you play a card multiple times in a turn by putting a temporary copy of itself in your hand when the card enters play. Rush, much like Charge, lets a minion attack immediately, but only against other minions.

Ben Brode and company provide more details on the gameplay implications of the new cards in the Blair Witch-style video above, adding to a delightful collection of very strange Hearthstone trailers.

The new single-player mode is Monster Hunt. As one of four new heroes you’ve got to make it through eight increasingly challenging battles that culminate in a boss fight. The heroes all have a unique hero power and their own cards to help build new strategies, and each encounter you clear nets you loot in the form of cards to improve your deck for the remainder of the hunt.

The Witchwood adds 135 new cards, and the pre-purchase offer includes 20 bonus packs, for a total of 70 card packs when buying in, in addition to a new card back. The expansion is set to release sometime before the end of April.

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