Hitman 2 release date – all the latest details on the stealthy sequel

hitman 2 release date

When is the Hitman 2 release date? IO Interactive has announced that the Hitman 2 release date is coming later this year, so here are the latest Hitman 2 trailer and gameplay details.

We were expecting some sort of Hitman 2 game ever since IO started referring to the last game as ‘The Complete First Season’, which rather suggested that there was going to be a Season 2. (Though, as you’ll know by now, those expectations have turned out to be not entirely accurate.)

Before a Hitman 2 release date could even be a thing, we needed a Hitman reboot that would be a return to form for the series. After the leaden and muddled Absolution, it’s clear IO intends to build on the same sandbox formula they’ve perfected over the past few years.

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After some stealthy – but decidedly non-violent – deduction work, we know loads of Hitman 2 trailer and gameplay details. We know the location of the first mission, the ways in which the design of the initial game is being expanded, and a few of the silly/excellent costumes you’ll be donning. Here’s everything we know about Hitman 2.

Hitman 2 release date

IO Interactive was not shy about revealing this one. The Hitman 2 release date is November 13, 2018. Hitch-free assassinations require patience, but that’s barely a wait at all.

Hitman 2 gameplay

The 26 minutes of Hitman 2 gameplay in the video above will be familiar to fans of the series. In the level, Miami, you’re tasked with killing motorsport driver Sierra Knox and her father. The reveal trailer detailed three methods of killing Knox – fitting her car with a bomb, sabotaging the vehicle so it crashes, or, if you think your aim is good enough, shooting her during the race. It’s a Hitman game, though, so naturally we can expect there are many more methods – both those planned by IO and those discovered by creative players.

You’re going to need to be as inventive as ever, as the intelligence of your opposition has increased. For example, Hitman 2’s AI will actually be able to spot your reflection in mirrors. On the flip side, your smarter baddies recognise your 47’s face rather than just the outline of his body this time, so you can evade detection for just a little longer by turning your face away

As you’ll know if you’ve been following the series, the last Hitman enjoyed a staggered release, arriving in six episodes between March and October 2016. That was a brave decision at the time, but it proved successful and popular. However, the studio is moving away from that model for Hitman 2. When it launches, the entire game will be released in a single package.

Despite Hitman 2 dropping its episodic development, IO Interactive plans to support the game after launch with Hitman 2 live content – there will be elusive targets, contracts, and escalations released after launch.

The announcement trailer revealed that Agent 47’s trademark Silverballer pistols will be returning. Though, as you would expect from a Hitman game, more unconventional weapons exist, too: a frozen fish, a measuring tape, even a muffin. I’m assuming that muffin is loaded with poison, unless one of your targets has a gluten allergy?

Hitman 2 multiplayer

While not a part of the core campaign, the game has a multiplayer component, a co-op mode called Hitman 2: Sniper Assassin. The mode has you and a friend work as a team of snipers infiltrating and killing a set of targets, each of whom is heavily guarded. You’ll have to work together to take out targets and their guards, ideally without raising the alarm. On the reveal stream, IO Interactive was keen to stress it’s “not just a shooting gallery” and will have all the depth of the main game.

Hitman 2 collector’s edition

hitman 2 release date collector's edition

Shortly after Agent 47’s next outing was revealed, IO also announced a Hitman 2 collector’s edition. In the snazzy foam suitcase we have a copy of the game – always a win in our book, a bullet keyring, 47’s signature coin, and suited-and-booted rubber duck. This special squeaky toy is a recurring joke in the Hitman series, and now you can have one in your real-life bath, if you so wish.

Hitman 2 beta

We don’t know if there will be a Hitman 2 beta to test its multiplayer component yet, but we’ll let you know here if there are any announcements.

Hitman 2 trailer

No announcement would be complete without a Hitman 2 trailer to accompany it – here it is above. It gives us a sneak peek at the Formula 1-focused Miami level, and it promises that we’ll have more opportunities for creative assassinations than ever before.