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Godus coming to Steam Early Access on 13 September. New trailer has burning people. Lots of them


Godus is out on Early Access; here's our Godus review.

The latest trailer for Peter Molyneux’s Populous reboot, Godus, starts peacefully enough. The world’s a vibrant green and the people wear gentle blue togas. They build up a pretty looking village and all seems well. Then the fires start. Yup, that’s the Populous I know.

The trailer isn’t just a bit of good looking violence, it also announces that Godus will be hitting Steam’s Early Access programme on 13 September.

I was sceptical about Godus when it was originally announced. It seemed like Molyneux had thrown in the towel a tad considering his speel about 22 Cans being a space for him and his team to push gaming forward. He just seemed like another developer returning to the game ideas that made them famous.

As we see more of Godus, the core is clearly Populous but the modern package is more than just pretties. The way you can transform the world and how that affects dynamic properties like rivers and lakes is compelling stuff. Hopefully it’s more than something that looks nice and will actually inform the way you play. I want to flood an enemy village. I want to divert a lava path into their fields, irrigating them with molten rock.

With the game coming to Steam via Valve’s Early Access programme on 13 September we’ll be able to get our hands on what 22 Cans have produced so far and see how possible it is to use the elements against our enemies.

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Htorne avatarLoki_uk avatar
Htorne Avatar
4 Years ago

This game is going to fail so hard, it will be the new fail benchmark.

Loki_uk Avatar
4 Years ago

Really? Why should it fail? I think it looks pretty fun.

They're also bringing in the casual market into the games too with putting out a touchscreen ipad version too (although I'll play on PC). There are a dearth of good and fun strategy games on those devices so it will make money there - however they don't seem to have forgotten their PC roots either. I think it's going to be a modest success with potential to be better.