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Quite the crowd: Thomas Was Alone has sold over 1m copies

Mike Bithell, the developer of Thomas Was Alone, has revealed that his platformer about leaping oblongs has sold more than one million copies.

Although the game has been given away as part of Playstation Plus membership, Bithell says that if he included those numbers it would be a fair bit higher than one million.

Bithell made the announcement via twitter:

This doesn’t mean that Bithell’s made $10 million, unfortunately. No, the bulk of these sales were part of promotions:

Either way the game’s done very well for him.

Bithell assured his followers that the numbers excludes the Playstation Plus promotion.

Previously working at Bossa Studios, makers of Surgeon Simulator, Bithell went off on his own to complete Thomas Was Alone. Following Thomas’ success he’s begun work on his second game, Volume.

*This is making him sound a little like a prophet. ‘Followers’, indeed.

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Runeclaw69 avatar
Runeclaw69 Avatar
4 Years ago

I am glad to hear that Thomas Was Alone have sold well, I enjoyed the game a lot. Sure, the levels were a bit too easy most of the time, but the story and it's characters were great. This was a truly a game that gave you the feeling of "Just one more level so I can hear more of the story".