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Kerbal Space Program soon to train lady astronauts

Valentina Kerman

In a giant leap for Kerbal kind, Kerbal Space Program is opening its doors and airlocks to Kerbals with a different set of chromosomes. Yes, Kerbal Space Program is getting its very first female scientist: Valentina Kerman. 

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Revealed on the Kerbal Space Program blog, Valentina was shown off taking a break from what looks like some kind of pod shuttle. She looks pretty friendly, doesn’t she? I bet you all can’t wait to send her into space on one of your inevitable disasters of a mission. 

Just a first look is all we have for now; hopefully news of when Valentina will appear in-game will break atmosphere very soon.  

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BraveToaster avatarFattox avatar
Fattox Avatar
3 Years ago

They've been working on a lot of other improvements, but this one is probably the one with the most coverage lately. It's another addition from a long list, anyway. It adds a little flavour to the crews. They should add more facial features/textures/hairstyles next so that they don't all look so similar.


But first, gimme that new drag physics model!

BraveToaster Avatar
3 Years ago

So this is what they spent all that time and money on