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Leaked Harpy and Phoenix may be League of Legends' next champion, according to Riot tease

The new champion tease

Riot have teased a new champion for League of Legends, and it seems they're a lovestruck couple of bird-people. That's interesting in itself, but it's even more so given that a major leak last week seems to have predicted the announcement - among other things.

What's going on in League, anyway? Check out our comprehensive notes on the latest patch cycle, 7.7.

Riot teased the new champion via FacebookInstagram and Twitter, where there was a short video:

It should be noted that it's unconfirmed what this teaser is teasing - it could be a new skin rather than a new champion - but fan site [email protected] are cautiously guessing at the latter. Expect more information as the patch 7.8 PBE cycle gets underway later this week.

This is big news for reasons beyond the obvious. A new champion named ‘the Harpy and the Phoenix’ was leaked in a since-deleted Reddit thread about a week ago, described as being “humanoid birds”. Nothing's known officially about how they'll play, but according to the leak, the Phoenix will be a male support champion, while the Harpy is a female marksman (ranged ADC), and you'll be able to play one without the other.

Given that this new champion is both a couple and clearly avian in theme, it lends some credibility to that leak. If the rest of it is accurate, it would confirm a few new skins and champion reworks. Possible skins include Darkstar Kha’ Zix and Orianna, Star Guardian Ezreal and Syndra, and Pulsefire Caitlyn, which will be legendary. Champions that could get reworked are Maokai, Urgot, Evelynn and Zac. For a full account of the leak, Dot esports have a screengrab.

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QDP2 avatar
QDP2 Avatar
1 Year ago

11 skins were in the leak, but not one of them was a new idea. They're all an extenuation of current skin lines, which leads me to believe some of the skins (if not all of them) are desires of the leaker, rather than a complete list of work-in-progress. Usually Riot want to introduce new themes into the skin line (such as the Sewn Chaos). This list may be stuff that Riot are working on; either in concept art or beyond; but I doubt they are all planned to release throughout 2017.

That said, the 2 champions leak is far to specific for it to be pure luck. The leaks seem to hold some legitimacy. I fear the suggested Zac rework. He's supposed to be a tank, yet he already has unprecedented range thanks to his E. To add more CC to his kit (through his Q being a 2-man CC), I reckon he would be far too powerful.