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The Honor system in League of Legends is being overhauled this year

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The Honor system in LoL is being reworked later this year to make it more meaningful. Introduced as a way to highlight good sportsmanship, it's just not being used in the ways Riot had hoped, so they're taking another look at it. 

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Honor allows players to give other player a thumbs up for good behaviour. It's supposed to encourage more of this behaviour, but currently it's not having the impact it was supposed to have.

In a recent developer video, embedded above, Riot explain why they need to tweak it. "The current Honor system lacks depth and does a poor job of reinforcing sportsmanship," says lead producer New001. "It's hard to understand how the rewards work, and feedback can feel delayed or disconnected from your actions. At the end of the day, it just isn't super meaningful." 

The new system will be better integrated into the mechanics of the game, say Riot. Perhaps we'll see some Dark Souls-esque emote etiquette find its way into the MOBA, or something similar. 

Whatever the new system is, it will hopefully be backed up by the right incentives to keep players using it correctly. 

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1 Year ago

@3.27 in the video, they start talking about how large the gap is between the top of solo-queue's ladder and pro-play. I thought it was odd at first that they'd click on Doublelift, it felt very specific and kind of against there point (DLift being an ex-pro player).

Turns out Rito don't like him. They uploading this video on there main Facebook channel yesterday, of him dying to red buff..