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League of Legends patch 7.13: SKT, SKT, SKT

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League of Legends' next big content patch is 7.13, introducing SKT's third set of World Championship skins, as well as a host of balance and bug fixes. Gnar, Trundle and Kindred are all getting buffs, while Abyssal Mask gets a rework. All the details below.

The in-development patch is now League of Legends 7.14.

Update June 27, 2017: Patch notes! See you tomorrow for patch 7.14.

LoL Patch 7.13 Release Date And Downtime

Patch 7.13 will release tomorrow, June 28, at 3am PT for NA, 5am UK for EUW and 3am CEST for EUNE. Keep an eye on the server maintenance page for the latest updates.

LoL Patch 7.13 Balance Changes

That out of the way, let’s start with the really important bit, shall we? What you need to remember is that stuff on the PBE like this is neither guaranteed to happen, nor to be in the next patch even if it does. This is what the folks over at Riot are thinking about doing. We’ve got the numbers on what’s changing, and a general guideline on which way each champion, item, mastery, summoner spell or rune is moving.

Patch 7.13 Champion Changes

Galio - changed


  • Base armor decreased to 24 from 27
  • Winds of War (Q) 
    • Combined tornado damage decreased to 30/40/50/60/70 from 45/60/75/90/105 
    • Tornado AP ratio increased to 60% from 45%
  • Hero's Entrance (R)
    • Channel time increased to 1.25 seconds from 1, but total travel time to target unchanged.

Gnar - buffed

Gnar balance changes

  • Boomerang Throw (Mini Q)
    • Damage increased to 5/45/85/125/165 from 5/35/65/95/125 
  • Crunch (Mega E)
    • Range increased to 600 from 475

Kennen - changed

Kennen balance changes

  • Electrical Surge (W)
    • Passive now increments upon launching an attack, rather than on hit
    • Passive damage now:
      • 15/20/25/30/35 base + 60% bonus AD + 30% AP
  • Lightning Rush (E)
    • AP ratio increased to 80% from 60%

Kha'Zix - changed

Kha'zix balance changes

  • Taste Their Fear (Q)
    • Base damage decreased to 60/85/110/135/160 from 70/95/120/145/170 
    • Bonus AD ratio decreased to 110% from 120%
    • Bonus damage to isolated targets increased to 65% from 50%
  • Void Assault (R)
    • Active's stealth duration increased to 1.5 seconds from 1.25 
    • Evolved Adaptive Camouflage stealth duration increased from 2.5 seconds to 3 and linger time increased to 1.5 from 1.25

Kindred - buffed

Kindred changes

  • Mark of Kindred (P)
    • Bonus attack range now gifted every three successful hunts, decreased from four (after initial four).
  • Wolf's Frenzy (W)
    • Bonus current health damage per mark increased to 1% from 0.5% 
  • Mounting Dread (E)
    • Base damage increased to 60/80/100/120/140 from 40/60/80/100/120 

Maokai - buffed

Maokai changes

  • Base health increased to 565 from 540
  • Nature's Grasp (R)  
    • Cooldown decreased to 120/100/80 seconds from 120/110/100
    • Range increased to 3000 from 2500

Poppy - buffed

Poppy patch changes

  • Hammer Shock (Q)
    • Enemy max health bonus damage increased to 8% from 7% 

Rek'sai - buffed

Rek'Sai balance changes

  • Void Rush (R)
    • Bonus AD ratio increased to 185% from 160% 
  • A number of QOL changes that maker her abilities function more smoothly, particularly Q.

Shaco - changed

Shaco balance changes

  • Two-Shiv Poison (E)
    • Base Damage increased to 50/75/100/125/150 from 5/35/65/95/125 
    • AD Ratio changed to [60/75/90/105/120% bonus AD] from [75% total AD] 
    • Damage type changed to physical from magic 
    • Added: Now deal up to 50% additional damage based on target's missing health
    • Removed: No longer deals 3 - 8% missing health damage based on character level

Trundle - buffed

  • Chomp (Q)
    • Now works on turrets
    • Post-Chomp attacks are more consistent and scale with attack speed.
  • Frozen Domain (W)
    • Bonus healing and regeneration from all sources increased to 25% from 20% 

Xayah - buffed

Xayah balance changes

  • Double Daggers (Q)
    • Attack lockout now scales down with attack speed.

Singed - changed

Singed balance changes

  • For the second time, Singed had a minor rework added to the PBE and then taken down shortly afterwards. Fantastically named developer ManWolfAxeBoss commented on Reddit that he still wasn't a fan of this iteration (which was mildly different from last patch) and they'd continue to work on them. Expect something next patch. To be clear no changes to Singed in this patch.

Patch 7.13 Audio Updates

  • Alistar and Cho'gath had audio passes for all their attack and ability audio for any skins that don't have custom audio. Probably safe to expect more of this.

Patch 7.13 Item Changes

Abyssal Mask changed

  • Build path:
    • Now: Catalyst + Negatron Cloak + 1080g
    • Total cost increased by 100g
  • Magic Resist decreased to 55 from 65 
  • Health increased to 350 from 300
  • Removed: No longer gives 100% Base Health Regen
  • Added:
    • 300 Mana
    • Unique Passive: Eternity: 15% of damage taken from champions is gained as Mana. Spending Mana restores 20% of the cost as Health, up to 25 per spell cast.

Adaptive Helm buffed

  • Health increased to 350 from 300

Ancient Coin line buffed

  • Coin mana restore increased to 15% from 8%
  • Coin gold increased:
    • Ancient Coin to 25 from 20
    • Eye of Oasis / Nomad's Medallion / Talisman of Ascension to 40 from 30

Bami's Cinderchanged

  • Total cost decreased to 900g from 1100
    • Combine cost decreased to 500g from 700 
  • Total health decreased to 200 from 280 
  • Immolate bonus damage to minions and monsters increased to 100% from 50% 

Enchantment: Runic Echos nerfed

  • Mana restore decreased to 15% from 18% 

Enchantment: Cinderhulkchanged

  • Total cost decreased to 2425g from 2625
  • Health decreased to 325 from 400 
  • Bonus health increased to 20% from 15% 

Jungle items buffed

  • Base mana regen while in jungle increased to 225% from 180%
  • This effects Skirmisher's Sabre, Stalker's Blade and Tracker's Knife

Sunfire Capechanged

  • Build Path changed:
    • Now: Chain Vest + Bami's Cinder + Ruby Crystal + 800g
    • Was: Chain Vest + Bami's Cinder + 1000g

Patch 7.13 Jungle Changes

Rift Herald buffed

  • Gold reward increased to 100g from 25g

LoL Patch 7.13 New Skins

Second most important: cosmetics. Lovely, gorgeous cosmetics. Bit more of a visual medium this, so we’ve grabbed the best videos of each skin, as well as a lovely pic or two. Some are relatively simple changes, while others are total reworks of every part of the champion outside the gameplay numbers - new VO, new animations, new particles and the rest. It’s generally defined by how much they cost, so we’ve detailed that as well.

SKT Ekko, Jhin, Nami, Olaf, Syndra and Zac


This patch has SKT1's World Championship winning skins as a big ol' pack. Each costs 1350 RP and is based on a different member of the team, with six in all. Details from Riot. See their videos below.

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Here's the combined splash art, including the fantastic ward:

League of Legends SKT skins splash

Here's how that ward looks in-game, based on SKT1 coach kkOma:

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It'll be 640 RP.

They're going to receive an update in the near future to add more effects to match their RP cost.

LoL Patch 7.13 Login Screen

Each patch has its own login screen with unique music. They're always fairly excellent, and 7.13's is no exception. It's based around the new Honor system, which will go live globally in 7.13.

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LoL Patch 7.13 Honor System

The Honor system is going live globally during 7.13, after some extended testing in the OCE region. You can read more about it on Riot's dedicated page.

LoL Patch 7.13 Context

Meddler popped up on the forums to give his usual breakdown of everything going on with the PBE. He explains the Trundle and Shaco changes, as well as other tidbits. His second post talks about the Kindred and Gnar changes. On June 20, he also explained Rift Herald changes, as well as what's coming up next.

Word on the Singed changes was mentioned on June 23 - they're trying to make building damage a better option, but may not end up shipping any changes at all. Cho and Lethality items are also on the block for 7.14, which should be hitting PBE in the next couple of days. 

That's League of Legends patch 7.13. We'll update as and when we get more info, or we'll see you for patch 7.14 in the very near future. Let us know below if there's any vital info we missed!

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SotosFromGreece avatarQDP2 avatarBen Barrett avatarSorrowH avatarCasualNonMain avatar
SotosFromGreece Avatar
11 Months ago

What about the Honor System?

Ben Barrett Avatar
11 Months ago

I believe it's rolling out across a few regions at the moment and will be live for everyone by the end of 7.13 (so around 3 weeks from now).

QDP2 Avatar
11 Months ago

15% AP Buff on Galio's Q may sound decent, but it really is a hard nerf. Generally you max Q, so there's a 35dmg nerf straight up at 5 points. To gain that back off the increased AP scaling, you'd need 230AP. Since Galio's a tank, you won't be getting that in the game (unless enemy has 3 AP champs). The ults dmg really means little, it's a CC move first. This change is going to hard drop his win-rate, ruining his laning phase.

Ben Barrett Avatar
11 Months ago

Have tweaked the opening, cheers.

SorrowH Avatar
11 Months ago

What about the challenger recall animation?

CasualNonMain Avatar
11 Months ago

I think Rek'sai will need more buffs then just the ultimate.If they just buff the ultimate it will be a bad repilca of Warwick before the rework.