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LoL, CS:GO, Dota 2 and Hearthstone monopolise Twitch audience with 65% viewership


Twitch have revealed a breakdown of viewership statistics by game, showing that 65% of its audience is actually split over just four videogames. 

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, LoL dominates Twitch, bringing in 88 million viewers in April this year - showing a growth of 8 million from last year. Just behind LoL is CS:GO with 73 million, displaying a massive growth of 34 million viewers from last year. It's incredible that Valve's shooter shows no signs of its popularity slowing down, despite its age. 

Sitting in third place is another Valve game - Dota 2, obviously - and in fourth place is Blizzard's free-to-play card battler Hearthstone. These registered 43 million and 41 million viewers in April respectively. 

While these four games sit rigidly in place over the year, the games sitting below these are just the popular triple-A games of the time. Last April it was GTA V with 16 million, this April it's Dark Souls 3 with 18 million. 

These stats (from Lemonde via NeoGaf) seem to prove that, perhaps unsurprisingly, it's games that turn into eSports that have the longest legs. It's no wonder most of the big publishers have taken a crack at breaking into the scene.

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hahnchen avatarKirk McKeand avatarQDP2 avatar
hahnchen Avatar
2 Years ago

The word monopolise does not mean what you think it means.

Kirk McKeand Avatar
2 Years ago

Are you telling me it's not something to do with a boardgame with a metal dog in it?

QDP2 Avatar
2 Years ago

He's saying that 4 games cannot be a monopoly, since they are not 1 entity. They aren't even all made by the same developer (at which point you could say that Valve monopolise twitch). This articles title is the same as saying Apple and Android monopolise the phone market.