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RIP League of Legends' cursor - 2009-2018

LoL cursor

If you played League of Legends in its earliest stages, it’s pretty likely that most of the items, champions, and assets you remember from the first couple of seasons have changed almost beyond recognition. Most of its original roster of champions have been reworked at least once, and their number has grown by more than 100 since beta. Everything from Runes, to the Jungle, to the Client itself has been changed at some point, but until today, one thing remained the same - League of Legends’ cursor.

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The metallic gauntlet, which players use to navigate nearly everything within the game, has remained the one part of League of Legends’ UI that hasn’t changed in the past decade of continuous balance and visual updates. Now, however, lead gameplay designer Andrei ‘Meddler’ van Roon says the old cursor is finally being replaced.

In Meddler’s most recent gameplay thoughts (a regular forum post in which he discusses what the balance team will be focusing on in the near future), he touches on the cursor update. He says that the team have “just started looking at updating LoL’s cursor,” and that it’s “certainly showing its age.” Personally, I always thought it was fine, but who am I to go against the all-powerful Riot Games?

Meddler says that the new cursor will be in internal testing for a while, but will then head to the PBE for a round of player feedback in “about a month or two.” If that seems reasonably slow for what might seem to be a relatively minor change, Meddler says the team are “taking a slower, more deliberate pace with testing,” because changes to UI elements (especially one as old as this) can be very impactful to players. Expect to see the new cursor on liver servers towards the end of the summer.

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