Tyler1’s return to League has drawn 360k viewers, a new record for an individual on Twitch

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Update, January 8: Tyler1 has begun streaming League of Legends again.

At one point, Tyler1 declared himself League of Legends “most toxic player,” but now his Twitter profile declares that he’s the game’s “most reformed player.” Either way, Riot have elected to rescind his ID ban, and now Tyler’s back to publically streaming League. And there’s no shortage of interest, either—the stream has already surpassed 360,000 concurrent viewers as of this post, a new record for an individual streamer, and that number’s continuing to climb.

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He was a few minutes late on his 3:00 PM CT start time, but showed up in full Draven cosplay shortly after, along with some symbolic chains around the wrists. He says Riot begged him to come back in an effort to save their “dying” game. So he made a deal with the studio: “If I get Draven every time, I’ll come back to play your dying, boring game.”

That was perhaps somewhat facetious on Tyler’s part, but he did end up saying thanks to Riot along with a message about his ban that “anything is possible if you have the willpower.” If you want to see for yourself if Tyler’s rehabilitation has stuck, you can check out his stream below.

Update, January 4 2018: Alternately known as the game's "most toxic" and "most reformed" player, League streamer Tyler1 is getting unbanned.

League of Legends’ most notoriously toxic player is back in the game. Streamer Tyler1 was ID banned in 2016 for a series of offenses that 20 of his accounts barred from the game, and he was essentially unable to play the game publically. In the meantime, the controversial streamer has claimed to have reformed, and several months ago Riot said they were considering lifting Tyler1’s ID ban.

Now, it seems Riot have sufficient reason to believe Tyler has changed his ways. Earlier today he tweeted that he would be returning to the game after “intense rehab.”

He also says he’ll return to League streaming on Monday.

Riot haven’t exactly confirmed that this is the case, but they’ve hinted toward it on the game’s official subreddit. Communications lead Ryan Rigney said “we don’t comment on the ban status of ID banned players,” before posting a “totally unrelated” photo of his desk, which features a “Tyler1 Reformed” mousepad.

The decision to review Tyler1’s more recent behaviour came after comments from a Riot employee who said of the streamer that “its fine he’ll die from a coke overdose or testicular cancer from all the steroids.” That employee was subsequently terminated, and Tyler himself said “it really sucks that some people still hold a massive grudge” against his old persona.

Original story, October 11 2017: Controversial League of Legends streamer Tyler1 has announced that he may be allowed to play League of Legends again. After a review due to take place in January 2018, the ID Ban against Tyler1 may be lifted.

An ID ban means that any account that Tyler1 is found to be playing on will be automatically ban. The streamer earned this punishment in 2016 for a string of offenses that resulted in over 20 of his accounts being banned.

In a video on Twitch, Tyler1 read a statement that said he is up for review if he can prove that any and all of the accounts he has played on in the month leading up the review are “clean,” or undeserving of a ban. If that’s the case, Tyler1 will be “free to play League publically.”

That doesn’t mean he’ll be getting his accounts unbanned. A Reddit comment from Rioter The_Cactopus says that Riot’s policy on permabans isn’t changing, but it’s Tyler1’s ID ban that is being reversed. He stresses that “nobody is getting special treatment of getting any banned accounts unbanned.”

Tyler1 is keen to show that he’s reformed since his days as the self-proclaimed ‘most toxic player’ on League of Legends’ North American server. Recently, Rioter Aaron Rutledge was fired from the company for implying he hoped Tyler would die, prompting the streamer to tweet saying “it really sucks that some people still hold a massive grudge vs old T1 and refuse to acknowledge I’ve changed.”

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Xerkics avatarZTGabe avatarNomercy0014 avatarllubtoille avatartreos100 avatarxNuke avatar
Nomercy0014 Avatar
3 Months ago

Tyler was the reason why I even play league. I never enjoys much since then. Thank you Riot. Thank you!!!

treos100 Avatar
1 Week ago

so, one of the most toxic people to play the game gets permabanned then 2 years later gets un-permabanned because he's "reformed".

that reeks of bullshit to my mind and likely many others.

so much for perma bans being permanent.

Xerkics Avatar
3 Months ago

People Dont Change! Also the very fact that " is up for review if he can prove that any and all of the accounts he has played on in the month leading up the review are “clean,” or undeserving of a ban." That means he has been flaunting the ban in the first place .

ZTGabe Avatar
3 Months ago

Thank God Riot it finally doing this, yes he was truly a jackass before but hes actually changed even if some people don't believe it. Obviously these people are ignorant and don't watch his streams or videos.

llubtoille Avatar
1 Week ago

It's always a persona for streamers, the one that was banned and the one that's reformed. Unlikely either are the 'real' person.

xNuke Avatar
1 Week ago

Watched his stream for a bit. Will get banned again soon enough.