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Life is Strange devs "didn't even notice" Chloe's replacement actress


Update June 19, 2017: Chloe's new voice actress is doing well, according to the lead writer of Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

Rihanna DeVries, the new voice of Life is Strange’s protagonist Chloe, did such a good job that senior members of the original dev team didn't even comment on her performance.

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We first heard a few weeks ago that Life is Strange, the coming-of-age cult hit, was getting a prequel. About ten days later, we heard that Ashly Burch would not reprise her role as Chloe due to the SAG-AFTRA actors’ strike (see original story, below).

Lead writer Zak Garris has now discussed the issue. He says it was “heartbreaking, not getting Ash in,” and that the team “contemplated lots of different ways to react, including abandoning the project.” In the end, they shared the script with Ashly, and, intrigued, she volunteered her services as a story consultant.

“She’s a fantastic writer,” says Garris. “Every single line of dialogue from high level story concept to any little VO line, we’ve shared with Ashly… she’s really become a huge voice toward shaping Chloe at this particular time in her life.”

Chloe is now played by Rihanna DeVries, who Garris says has “done a fantastic job.” So much so, in fact, that the original producer, co-directors and writer “didn't even notice that it was Rihanna... they were totally immersed in her voice.”

There's been a bit of Twitter drama over the issue, with actress Felicia Day tweeting the following (and even calling DeVries a "scab" in another tweet):

Clearly, Burch doesn't resent new developers Deck Nine Games enough to refuse to work as a story consultant, so perhaps Day is being a bit hasty.

For more, check out the full interview with Garris over at Eurogamer. They were pleasantly surprised when the game was shown at E3 last week, but our own Ben Maxwell was less impressed, describing it as similarly warm and nostalgic, but also suffering from the same forced-feeling youth speak that defined its forebear.

Original story June 13, 2017: Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a story-led prequel to Life is Strange, showing us what life was like in Arcadia Bay three years prior to Max’s return. We take control of Max’s best friend, Chloe, for the adventure. 

Chloe’s original voice actress, Ashly Burch, has won awards for her portrayal of the rebellious teen, but she won’t be reprising her role for the prequel. This is because of the SAG-AFTRA voice actor strikes, according to an announcement by Burch on Twitter. 

While it’s not the best news, Burch is working on the game in a writing consultancy role, helping the new developers keep the character of Chloe consistent, even if her voice isn’t. 

For more info on Life is Strange: Before the Storm, hit up that link for the latest trailer. 

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Dr Loxley avatarVespyr3 avatar
Dr Loxley Avatar
11 Months ago

I spent a good number of hours over the weekend researching this.

What I found was very interesting, such as the strike isn't stopping all voice work being done, instead only companies on their 'struck' list are not to be worked with (those who don't agree to the union's conditions), and even then if the game in question is a long time development game they are still letting work continue.

What is interesting, Square Enix are not on that list of struck companies.

What that means is that the strike doesn't stop her from working on the game at all.

She has every opportunity to work on the game, to the extent the union themselves are encouraging their members to work with all companies not in dispute. She has instead chosen to simply not do the character and claim the strike is the reason.

Sorry, but choosing not to work and then crying over a 'broken heart' is total BS!

PS: and F. Day can go jump.

Vespyr3 Avatar
11 Months ago

True enough, Square Enix isn't on the list, but apparently the company actually developing the prequel, Deck Nine Games, is on the list.

I'm dubious you actually spent hours researching it, because that fact has been mentioned in almost every news story I've read about 'LiS:Before The Storm'.

Also, Ashly Burch is incredibly attached to the character, for many reasons, including some very personal stuff from her own past. I believe she truly is heartbroken not to be reprising her role as Chloe.