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BioWare's forums are now officially closed

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Update October 27, 2016: The official BioWare forums closed completely today, leaving thousands of RPG chat-filled threads lost to history. 

The forums have been in a read-only state since the end of August, but now visitors are met only with a message pointing them to support helplines and social channels.

You'll definitely find a BioWare title in our list of PC's best RPGs.

All that's left are the official Star Wars: The Old Republic forums, presumably because the MMO has an active, ongoing community that's easier to keep tabs of when they're all in one place. 

Read the original story below for more details. 

Original Story July 29, 2016: It's the end of an era for BioWare fans - the official BioWare forums are closing down. Now you are going to have to try squeeze that message about wanting the old BioWare back into 140 characters. Or you could go on Reddit. Or Facebook. Or NeoGAF. You get the point. 

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The decision came so BioWare could focus their efforts on the rise of social media without just neglecting their official forums. 

"After great consideration, we are closing down the BioWare forums, effective August 26, 2016," said an official post. "The Star Wars: The Old Republic forums will continue to operate; however, our public boards for Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and legacy BioWare titles will no longer be available.

"In the past, our forums were the only way we could speak to you directly. They allowed our developers to talk with fans, and gave our players the opportunity to talk with each other about our games. But with the rise of social media and geek culture, there have never been more ways for us to connect."

They go on to thank their fans and point out some of the ways they've been connecting outside of the forums. This is where the focus will be in the future, as it seems like the forums just aren't worth the maintenance anymore. 

Other than their Star Wars MMO and a few private boards reserved for beta feedback, the official forums will shut on August 26 but will be kept in a read-only state until October 25, 2016. After that date, they will be taken down.

"While we are saying goodbye to this venue, we remain committed to our community and will always be here to listen, share, and support you," the BioWare post concludes. "Online and in person, we will continue to seek out opportunities to interact and share in our combined love of games."

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Akeldama avatarNihlusGreen avatarAever avatarSofaJockey avatarfemqualia avatarPseudonym avatar+2
SofaJockey Avatar
1 Year ago

Following the closure, the BioWare Forum fan community has moved to the new BSN BIOWARE SOCIAL NETWORK fan forums. The new unofficial home for the BioWare Forum fan community. Links to curated mods and all the usual classic discussions.

Akeldama Avatar
1 Year ago

What about the people who have DLC specifically linked to their old iteration of the forums? Am I just supposed to hope I don't lose the copies of those I currently have on my hdd???? lol

NihlusGreen Avatar
1 Year ago

There's some mods posted on those forums that hopefully land somewhere else

Aever Avatar
1 Year ago

This makes no sense whatsoever. AKA, sounds like bullshit to me.

Mountain_Man Avatar
1 Year ago

What happened to you, BioWare? You used to be cool.

TriforceWisdom Avatar
1 Year ago

The BioWare forums were toxic and probably not worth the trouble to moderate when there are better communities available nowadays.

femqualia Avatar
1 Year ago

Be careful of some of the replacement forums, specifically BSN forums. If you like your gaming conversation laced with violent rape jokes and 'joking' epithets used against minorities, BSN forums is the place for you. The mods will protect your freeze peach so long as your rape jokes and epithets are all in good fun. Really, who doesn't like a good rape joke and a harmless slur every once in a while?! At BSN forums, you can safely forget about those pesky minorities and rape victims that are just looking to be offended!

Pseudonym Avatar
1 Year ago

Considering the repugnant state of the official Bioware forums, that sounds like a real breath of fresh air.